Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Ayurveda has identified ghee as a medicine for living long. Runam Kritva Ghritam Pibet is famous saying in Sanskrit. The poverty was determined with individual capacity of consumption of ghee by the family before independence. There was a rich tradition of eating Sira (halva made of ghee, bud and wheat flour) in breakfast in Gujarat everyday. There were people who could consume 2-3 kg of Sira in one go. Morning tea with ghee and night milk with ghee are great medicines for intestines. 

Ghee is not an issue. The issue is of less and less physical work by our body. If it perspires everyday with some physical activities, one can enjoy ghee and live long. Morning ghee is not adding a single point cholesterol in the body. On the contrary, the liver functions get regulated so that it stops adding more cholesterol in the body.

My observations only. You may follow advice of the doctor. I enjoy ghee.


12 August 2013


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