Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mala means Hills and bar means border

Mala means Hills and bar means border; Malabar a region between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea is one of the most beautiful sites of Kerala the God’s own country. Kasargod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Waynad are the major districts of the North Malabar region.

Rubber, Coconut and Paddy are the main crops of the area. Textile, Beedi, hand-weaving, plywood and coir represent important industries and cashew, cinnamon and pepper are other important cash crops.

Houses are beautiful here constructed with laterite blocks and with nice designs and good workmanship. All are painted with different bright Asian Paints emulsion colours i.e., Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow etc. It is the first dream of a Malayali to have a nicely designed good looking house in a plot size of 250sqm to 1500 sqm.

Tamilnadu is the major source of their supplies of Vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, milk, rice, tender coconuts, flowers, etc.

They local products and supplies are: edible oil, milk, ghee, some rice, fish, limited vegetables, etc.

It is the Gulf money which makes them happier. They supply semi-skilled construction workers, nurses and some engineers to the country and abroad.

Theyyam is the ancient ritualistic art form of the area. In this form of art, a man will be fabricated as God’s symbol. The weird head-hoods, colourful attires and body painting and dazing performances are amazing. Each type has a distinguishing headgear and costume made out of natural materials like coconut leaves and bark.

Kalaripayattu is a very famous martial art which was originated from North Malabar . It is known as indigenous martial art of India .

One can enjoy body massaz with Ayurvedic oil costing Rs. 4000 for a week is worth spending to rejuvenate the dieing chariot.

Vishu (on 15/4/11 this year) is celebrated as New Year, which is parallel to first Tamil month Chithirai.

Rajrajeshwara is the ancient and famous Shiva temple located at Taliparamba in Kannur district. Ladies are allowed to enter into the temple in the evening when Lord Shiva is with Parvati. The God is also under the female commands!

Males have to wear un-stitched Dhoti and keep the body uncovered above waist to enter into the most of the temples here.

The famous Muthanga wild life (elephants)sanctuary is located in Wayanad district of Malabar.

There are many castes and many religious sects in Hindus. There are sub-groups in Muslims and Christians. All live in harmony baring their castes, creeds and religion.

There is less poverty here. People go to temple and pray God to make them rich but apply to the Government to make them BPL!

Don’t miss visiting Malabar, if get a chance to visit in a lifetime.

5/4/11, 2.30 pm. Kannur


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