Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cucumber not ‘cowcumber’; fit for consumption by all

Power has heat. All people on power positions have problems of extra heat in the body. Therefore, some of them are short tempered too. There is a phrase in Gujarati for powered people: ‘garmi chadi gai chhe’ or in Hindi "garmi chad gai hey".

Joking apart, due to wrong food choice, some of us do face problems of excess heat in the body. This results into ulcers, piles, GB stones, calculus, headache, intestinal disturbance, insomnia, high BP, nervous stress and tension, joints swelling, etc.

The relief comes from a very simple experiment. Just eat cucumber with lump sugar (khadi sakar) for seven days, preferably in the morning. It is said in Bihar ‘Subah ka khira Hira, sham ka Kira’. 

Those who want to make their face beautiful/handsome, can apply cucumber of face. Bath with cucumber water will be a very pleasant experience. It has a great cosmetic value. Don't waste money on cosmetics.As cucumber is cold in nature, it removes heat from the body and kidney. It works as a diuretic. It improves the function of kidney and reduces swellings of the body. 

Those who take excess quantity of liquor, their family members can give them cucumber in their lunch or dinner to remove the alcoholic effect. “Sharab ka test chala jayega!!!!!”

Shubham bhavatu kalyanam.





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