Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We must appreciate the promotion of Samskrit language by western countries. But we must also accept that nearly 5 million students in Gujarat and approximately 90 million students in India study Samskrit as one of the subjects in 5th to 9th Standard.

What we miss is to canvass the importance of Samskrit. We believe that education is useful to earn our livelihood. As a result, the students and parents are chasing score cards. The merit list idea to get specific school/branch has compelled them to do tuitions and mug for many days and nights. The burden has been increasing year after year and finally the students think of dropping something from the load. The soft target is Samskrit that offers limited earning opportunities.

On one side India is considered as IT hub of the world, but Samskrit, the potential language for developing Artificial Intelligence in Computer has not been focused. Other languages have limitation to express different emotions with different words but Samskrit can. It helps in capturing correct meaning behind the usage of a specific word. That helps the computer world to increase the speed of automation, language translation and making the computer to think like human in future.

Currently, Computer programming languages i.e., c, c++, java, etc., are translated into assembly language and further translated into binary code (voltage 0, 1) that is understood by computer hardware. There is a possibility of direct translation of Samskrit based developed language into binary code. Its grammar can be easily translated to a form understandable by a computer.

If Samskrit has strength to develop artificial intelligence in a machine (computer), think of its power to develop human intelligence. Our Dev People Brahmins were intelligent because they have developed and used Samskrit. It is now a dream to see large population in India to understand Samskrit. Those who study also don’t understand. They simply translate some words and sentences from Samskit to mother language. The number games of power, social inequality and economic interests of individuals have spoiled the chances of its elegant growth in India.

Let us promote it by using some words of greetings, etc., in our daily life. Shri Gopalaswami

Sir, Shri CL Meena, Shri DN Pande, Shri Bhagyeash Jha can write some easy sentences in this group to use them in our daily life.

शुभ रात्रि I



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