Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Adbhutam, it happens only in India

Adbhutam, it happens only in India.

Have you ever heard about currency shower on earth? In an hour 200,000 rupees notes shower over the heads of the artists. Generally, the followers of Sarasvati are poor and followers of Lakshmi are rich, but world changed here, the Lakshmi showers over Sarasvati. Even the Sadhus can't keep themselves away, open the bundles of notes and making the shower powerful. 

Don't you believe? Come to Junagarh in Shivratri Mela. The 5 days Mela has started on 3rd March 2016 with the Dhwaja Arohan over Bhavnath Shiva Temple. The Mela will end tonight with the holy bath of hundreds of nude sadhus in Mrigi Kund along with Lord Shiva, the Mahadeva. Thousands of people have come here to colour themselves in Bhakti of Lord Shiva. More than 100 Annakshetras are serving food and tea free of cost to more than 2 lakh people everyday. The owner of Atul Rishaws Shri Jatantibhai and his family have spent Rs. 35 million on "Rukhad Manas Ram Katha" for 9 days by Morari Bapu. "Rukhad Bava tu to halvo halvo halje, eva garvani mathe re Rukhadio jalumbio". Algari masti of Maha Shiva and his disciples including the Holy mountain Girnar (the Kailash of the West) are making the environment vibrant. The Rukhad of all trees, Palas, leaving all the leaves, blossom with beautiful orange flowers joined into the masti of Lord Shiva. The lions (33) in the area keeping safe distance from the people also walk Rukhad in the forests of Girnar.

There are many falk artists and singers performing their arts of Sarasvati at various ashram and places. All mikes are full on in this Mahafestival. Two artists are very popular here; Kirtidan Gadgavi and Mir Osman Mer. If you haven't seen "Mahasarasvati" or the divine manifestation of Shri Krishna mentioned in Chapter 10 of Shrimad Geeta, come and see them in the performance of these artists. 

"Whatever is endowed with glory, brilliance, and power; Know that to be a manifestation 
Of a fraction of My splendor." (G. 10.41) 

You will believe the wonder power of the Almighty. Sadhus and Sansari together shower their wealth of currency notes over them in thousands. The compounds full of crowds set on the ground cheers with joy in the orchestra of Harmonium, Tabla and Manjira. And, Devi Lakshmi couldn't resist herself in these joyous moments, shower over Sarasvati, over the singers and artists.

More than a million people have come to this place during these 5 days. Ramkatha of 9 days added some more before the start of the Mela. Thousands of pilgrims have spent their nights on ground. Old, young, males, females, children, all are just here to take holy bath in Shiva Bhakti, Shiva Masti. Some mast may enjoy chilam of the Babas and some may drink Bhang Ras. With or without toxic, all are drawn into the Shiva Sagar, the Rukhad Baba.

Hundreds of Sadhus from all over the country have come here. Many of them are nude. Some are in akhadas and some are sitting on footpaths. Footpath market of spirituality. People shop spirituality from them. Their procession tonight of an hour will display the strength of human following path of celibacy and tantra, the path of Aghori. After the procession, they will take holy bath with Lord Shiva in Mrigi Kund at midnight tonight. All your chase of desires and money will wash away in minutes, your mind will reach to the thoughtless stage, and you will walk in dhyana all the time, and will attain the spiritual heights without efforts in this Mahashivratri Mela. If you are nearby, drive fast and join to enjoy the nectar of Shiva, the Mahadeva.

Hats off to the Ashramas, Sadhus, People and administration for making the event successful.

7 March 2016
Bhavnath, Junagrh


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