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India is country of great cultural heritage. Paying respect to mother, father, elders, teachers, saints, etc, is our cultural heritage. 

One of our retired IFS officer, a Brahmin, when went to his village, the villagers bow down to him remembering great services of his grand father to the village as a teacher. 

A joint family of 30-40-50 living together and eating meal from one kitchen was the base of our respects to the family and society. 

If we pay respects to other individuals, they in turn will pay respects to us, and those 1+1+1... build the harmonious societies of the country. But if we disrespect others or insult them, we are destroying the base of the respectfulness. One may have differences of opinion but differences of mind can break the harmony of the family, society, organization, state, country. 

Our Samskrit prayer see all in the God; the mother, the father, the brother, the friend, the knowledge, the wealth, everything.

त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥

(Twameva mata cha pita twameva,
Twameva bandhushcha sakha twameva, Twameva vidya dravinam twameva, Twameva sarvam mama deva deva)

But if we read the same prayer carefully, little differently, we are praying the God, that is living around us; our mother, our father, our brother, our teacher, our livelihood/job/work, all those who care for our well-being.

Ancient China built the great wall of China with a height for protection, but was invaded thrice. The enemies entered through the doors by bribing the guards. They built the wall but
forgot the character-building
of the wall-guards. Thus, the building of human character comes first before building the nation.

Modernization run of chasing wealth and desires is destroying our family structure, our respectfulness to our teachers and elders. We are undermining the role of those who made us.

Let's think and return to the path of our rich cultural heritage of paying respects to all. 

त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव। त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥

31 March 2016


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