Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Women is the Power, not been Empowered

Women is Power, not been Empowered.

This world is the manifestation of Prakriti and Purusha, the 'She' and 'He' energies of the Creator. She is the fire energy in all. Being a Vaushnavi in all creatures, she carries the power to hold the seed, rears it, delivers it and care them all after the birth. From Mother of the Universe (Durga) to Mother at home, it is the "She power", that wins. When all three Devas/Energies (Brahma Vishnu Mahesha) fail, She is our guard against the evil forces. 

In humans, mother matters more than the father. Father simply earns, but the real work in family or at the farm are done by the Mother. Many males of the present generation are addict of alcohol, therefore, many a times, the female of the house has to perform the role of a 'mother' of all including the husband. When the Sun sets and the males get drawned in alcohol, she holds the family for the Sun rise, next morning. Many families survived in the darkness of poverty and hardships of life for decades, with a hope that their Sun will rise at one fine morning. Without her holds, millions of humans would have gone into depression. The mental health clinics are less because there is "Mother power" in each family. She is our 'care centre'.

When the husband loses his potency to earn livelihood for the family, she goes for earning. She does all kinds of works without bothering about the dignity of her labour. What a patience she has! Under the suppression of male and knowing well that the hardships she is facing is not going to end for years, still every morning, she wakes up, attends all house hold works, feeds us, cares us and earns for us. Isn't it a miracle of her divinity? Whatever happiness, peace, joy, love, bliss, mercy, compassion, we see around, these are the outcomes of her energy.

Minus she, we are nothing. With her we have hope of the Sun rise of the family and of the Community.

When the males shy, females sound their power by beating plates with rollers (belan)!!!

Salute to all Women, the Mothers of All.

नारी तु नारायणी।

9 March 2016


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