Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A driver's perception for India

A driver's perception for India

He was a talkative Jat driver. Traffic on road and delayed journey to the destination give a room to chat with the driver in the car.

Sir, you have removed danda (stick) from the hand of the teacher and the police, therefore the country is facing present days problems. Students become carefree and do whatever they like. Teachers become managers of the students crowd. Similarly white and black anti socials are looting the country and suppressing people without any fear of the danda of the police. Driver Arvind was explaining the present, with his 42 years experience of life.

Whosoever hold the power, they should do good for the country, not that they work only for the betterment of their party or their families. When the government construct a dispensary in Rs. 30 lakh against the estimate of Rs. 3 crore of the previous government, people realise the wastage of resources in government expenditure. Why do the people in government spend money from the public treasury for their comforts and luxuries though they have been paid for their work?

My father can eat 1 litre of ghee in one sitting even today in his 70s. My grandfather was also eating good and healthy food. Their food intake was 10 times more than the present generation. They had good stamina and were doing physical hard work for many hours tirelessly. But the present generation is weak physically, become dependent on support system of engines and machines, unable to walk or do physical work for few hours. They are a tired lot, wondering for the comforts of life without hard work.

We are progressing in terms of infrastructure and facilities but falling down in happiness index. Most of us are BPL in health index. Our life line may look long but not strong enough to sustain without medicinaI support.

Farmers are not earning much from agriculture as the cost of production is going up and the yields don't earn desired price. The new generation is moving to the cities for jobs. As a result, the castes like Jat, etc, are demanding reservation. With the presence of some jamindars or car owners, the whole community can't be labeled rich. The people, economically poor are also in need of reservation support. If one look at the higher ups in the society and deny benefits to the needy people, it is a wrong argument. Many SC ST persons became IAS, IPS, AIS, etc, officers and have good life with house, car, etc. Therefore, other SC ST can't be denied reservation by giving example of their elite group. They in general are still living a life of depression, therefore, the reservation should continue for them. But Jat should also get it. His jatness (non compromising nature) was coming out of his arguments!

Jat as a society has been identified as a conservative society by the non jats, but we follow our customs with some logics. The gotra marriage prohibition was exempted for nani's gotra, now the dadi's gotra will be exempted soon. Jat People are also changing with the change in time. The customary restrictions over the bahus have been relaxed and will go away slowly. There are many changes happened in the living style of the people in last two decades.

At the end of the day, India's progress must be the yardstick for the performance evolution of the party in power, not the issues of castes, religions, etc. He explained his perceptions for India.

I opted to listen his perception for India very carefully. Political literacy in India is increasing with the increase in politics of power.

29 March 2016


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