Saturday, March 12, 2016

Brahma Bhoj

Brahma Bhoj

The father in law of one of our IFS officers, a Maithil Brahmin, died recently. As a ritual, the son in law tonsured head along with other relatives. 11 Brahmins were invited for Brajma Bhoj to complete the rituals of the diseased.

Why Brahmins are invited for meal on such occasion? Somebody has died and when people of that family are in grief, how could Brahmins, relatives and villagers can eat meal with laddu and other sweets? I raised a question.

"Their (brahmins) presence is a future of the diseased", Arun replied instantly. Whatever has been offered to them (food, sweets, cow, utensils, etc) will reach to the diseased in heaven. It is a ritual that transfer punyas through the stomach of the Brahmins.

And at the end of the meal, one has to ensure that the Brahmins shouldn't return happily?


If they return happily, then they may wish for another such event in the family, so that they can come again. One more casualty!

Therefore, after the meal when the Brahmins return; the family, relatives and friends throw charcoal and wastes over them so that they return unhappily, not carry any desire to return.

They are called 'Katua' or 'Patra' Brahmins. They are different from the Brahmins who do pooja rituals.

Brahmins were the educational institutions of India. Keeping a food stuff of more than three meals was considered a sin. They will not desire for land. The Society was bound to feed them. The Bhiksha was not a begging but a 'income tax' over the society, an earning avenue of the Brahmins to survive and sustain with knowledge.

Mysterious India.

12 March 2016


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