Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life Pendulum between Gas and Diaphragm

Life pendulum between Gas and Diaphragm

We are air bodies living in the Sea of air. 21600 breathes a day with balance of five life breathes: pran, apan, udan, vyan, saman; keep us live and healthy. Air, water and food are our fuel to inject energy. The fusion current generated through the union of sperm and egg keep us alive through the neurologic impulse, the electrical discharge that travel along the nerve fiber.  

Each human body has been created through the same process but the life line varies. The DNA, the environment, the food-water-air, support, etc, vary from person to person; that makes the expirry date different for each individual.

In general, people pass first 40Y of the age healthy. The major problem after 40Y is the "vat rog". The disease created by the gas. The food we eat generate gas and once it occupies the cavities of the body, it starts killing the health of the life organs. There are 80 major diseases have been identified as the "vat rogas" in Ayurveda including all the heart diseases, all the joint diseases, heaviness of the body, etc. 

The first breath gave us life and the last breath will give us death. Those live long are mostly free from the Vat Rogas, or have less gastric problems. Ayurveda, therefore preached "parhej" in the food we eat. The food for each season, each time (morning, afternoon, evening-night) has been prescribed. If we don't care and eat as per the will of the cooks, the hoteliers, then we are left at the mercy of the God to run our system without problem.

The intestinal walls are the generator of gas. If we go on adding different organic materials in a drum and keep it unclean, what will happen? It will generate gas, stink and dirt. The drum must be cleaned everyday to avoid further dirt. Similarly, the intestines must get cleared everyday. If unable to do it, take "haritaki" early in the morning with luke warm water. If not daily, then at least once in a week. It is Amrita, the mother for us.

Our sitting posture and our breathing postures are very important for inhaling more O² and exhaling more CO². Babus we are passing more time on chair with 90° stiff angle, and while signing the files for years we develop problems of survival and other disorders. We worry more for our heart and other organs but we have overlooked one important muscle of our body that keep the other organs healthy.

Which muscle? Do you know? 

It is the Diaphragm, the main muscle involved in breathing, separates the thoracic (heart, lungs) and abdominal cavities and perform important function in respiration. When a person inhales, it contracts, decreases pressure in the lungs, increases thoracic cavity so that air is drawn into the lungs.

But the most important part is the openings in the diaphragm. The aortic, the esophageal and caval opening along with series of smaller structures pass through the diaphragm.

Apart from congenital defects; the neurologic system, improper breathing, wrong posture of sitting and working, stroke, thyroid, radiation, etc, make the diaphragm disorders and abnormalities; such as discomfort in breathing, breath sound; pain in chest, shoulder or abdominal area; hypoxemia, etc.

Once the problem of diaphragm has been identified, the doctors may suggest treatment that may include surgery of removing part of the diaphragm or abnormal tissue, folding the diaphragm, or repairing the muscle. 

But one of the most important therapies for diaphragm health is the "Indian Yoga".  If the diaphragm disease is neurologic in origin, "meditation" cures it. Pranayam and breathing exercise, if done properly, improve the strength of contractions and expansion of the diaphragm that improves O² in the blood. O² is our life, life with health. Lom Vilom, Bhrasrika, Kapalbhanti or the Sudarshan Kriya of AoL are the breathing exercises that improves the strength of the respiratory organs. Meditation makes the terminal, the brain in order through calming the mind. And proper food and water keep the system in order so that the entire system will tune well to give us long and healthy life. 

Long deep breath is life and short shallow breath is death. Follow Yoga, the Indian treatment of healthy life without medicines.

Shubham Bgavatu Kalyanam.

16 March 2016


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