Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tree Forestry

Tree Forestry

Environmentalists have suggested to maintain 33% green cover on the earth. But with the increase in human population; their pressure over land, nature, flora, fauna is increasing. Billions of trees have been cut and hundreds of species become extinct every year. A day will come, when human will be in the list of extinction.

Global 'forest area' at present is 31%, India's 24% and Gujarat's 11%. Forest areas have more tree cover compared to the non forest areas! The tree cover outside forest area has increased by 2.82% in India and 4.74% in Gujarat in last decade, due to water, people's participation, and promotion by forest department. Tree needs only three things: land, water and guard. Once the roots length crosses 1.5 metre depth, it can survive on its own through the moisture of the earth.

Global warming is a question that can be answered by the tree farming. The CO² (Carbon Dioxide) generated by the industries can be stored by the trees. Plants and animals depend on each other but plants are primary producer. You know, plants release O² (Oxygen) during photosynthesis of the Solar energy into glucose in the presence of CO² and H²O (Water). 

O², the life line of all creatures on earth was produced by the trees. Trees are our best friends. We use O² and produce CO². The trees use/store CO² and produce O² as by product while doing photosynthesis.

Do you know the difference between growing tree and green tree?

A tree remains green but stops growing after certain age. The O² produced by the grown up tree during day time photosynthesis is equal to the CO² produced during the respiration in night. It doesn't add O² in the atmosphere. While growing tree adds O² in the atmosphere. 

We are stopping people from using wood and go for substitutes like aluminum, plastic, steel, cement, etc, but don't understand that the substitutes are producing more CO².

We understand forestry means only planting. But cutting of grown up tree is also a forestry. There may be codes for  when to cut, how much to cut, what to cut, from where to cut, etc; but no cutting no forestry. Protecting growing trees and cutting matured trees is the real forestry. In agriculture, we cut the mature crop regularly.

Recently, the GoG has freed 86 species of non forest area from taking permission of cutting and transiting. 4 species have been put under prohibition list and 22 species are in restriction list, need permission of the complement authority to cut and transport. These are mostly the trees of forest areas. The non forest area has been opened up for growing and cutting trees as "Tree Farming". Trees those are cultivated by the people are made free from restrictions. So that number of growing trees will increase to add up more O² in the atmosphere to control global warming. 

People using woods and wood articles are storing the Carbon Dioxide.

Celebrate the International Forest Day tomorrow, 21st March.

20 March 2016

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