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Sadhu, the Holy Men

Sadhu the Holy Men

Sadhus are very important people in human life. They are lighted lamps, by whom, others can light their lamps up. They are the Gurus, carry people from darkness to light. They are the lights of the world.

By giving example of Cotton plant, Tulsidasji has described the conduct of a Sadhu.

"Sadhu charit subh charit kapaasu, niras bisad gunmay phal jasu;
jo sahi dukh parchhidra durava, bandniy jehi jag jas pava" (RCM, Balkand, 3.3)

Cotton plant, the fruit whereof is tasteless, white and fibrous; even by suffering hardships of ginning, spinning and weaving; cover the body (faults) of others; the holy men conduct is nobel, free from attachment, stainless, full of goodness, even by suffering hardships, cover others' faults; thereby earned in the world a renown which is worthy of adoration. 

Yogiji Maharaj of BAPS Swaminarayan sect, used to sing "Chosath Padi" (8x8=64 verses) composed by Nishkulanand Swami, describing the qualities that enable one to distinguish between a true sadhu and a false sadhu. The way wood and stone carry average value; but if carved by a sculptor/craftsman, they become priceless; similarly, Sadhu/Guru can make the ordinary human, priceless. Lalji Carpenter became Nishkulanand Swami, guided us, how to find a true sadhu to surrender our mind and the life breathe.

During my visit to Las Vegas for few hours in the night in 2008, Kamlesh Patel was my tour guide. He started his career as a driver, and became a manager of the hotel. He had shown me all the important places, mostly the casinos of LV. He was explaining me, which design of the fountain, roof, campus were studied and used by Sadhus, while building temples. In Casinos, he was walking through the corridor, but was keeping a safe distance with the people playing on casinos. His car was playing Chosath Padi all the time. When moving out of the car we were facing Casinos and when moved into the car, Chosath Padi lyrics entering into the mind. Chosad Padi was working like a guard, didn't allow us to attach with any of the attractions of the LV.

At midnight, we had a coffee at his motel. He was living in the motel with his small family of four. Rooms rent was their source of income, mostly coming from the tourists occupancy and from the enjoyer of human flesh. He was contributing 10% of his net income to the religious institution. He remained detached with the frat world, though living in the city of LV. Because, he was under the security of Chosath Padi. 

In the world of unhappiness and insurgency, only true Sadhus / holy men, can restore peace and harmony by bringing the people from darkness to light.

Sadhu doesn't mean the people wearing saffron or white clothes or wearing robs; but all those carry the characteristics described in Ramcharit Manas and Chosath Padi.

Sadhu Charit...subh charit Kapasu....

14 March 2016


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