Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Are we heading towards Pralaya (Dissolution)?

Are we heading towards Pralaya (Dissolution)?

Global warming is the worry of all on the Earth. The temperature of the globe has rose by 2° Celsius and it will rise by 4° Celsius by 2080. With this much change, the entire ecology, weather and natural events will change. With the melting of snowy mountains, the sea water level will rise up and will submerge many parts of the earth. Many islands will submerge into the water. With the rise in sea surface temperature, the precipitation system will change. Many parts will experience cyclonic events with extremely heavy rains or no rains situation. At present, in Australia, the wet areas are getting more rains and the dry areas are drying more. Indian rainfall pattern is also changing. Climate change is affecting all on the Earth.

Who reacts the first? The fish. They have started moving from the adverse weather conditions to the suitable condition. 

Their movement remind the Hindu mythological story of Matsyavtara. Matsya protected the Manu and seven sages (Agatsya, Atri, Bhardwaj, Gautama, Jamdagni, Vashistha, Visvamitra) at the time of last pralaya. The saptarshi keep changing for every Yuga. The boat carrying 8 was tied up with the the horns of the fish, Vasuki was used as rope and they moves away from the pralaya area. After 7 days, when the pralaya ended and water subsided, Manu/Satyavrata created the human race again.

Dissolution through flood is a tale common across cultures. Jesus also talked about the deluge. What is happening around? Wars, religious deception, famine, natural disasters, epidemics, incredible and rapid increase in knowledge, poisoning of the air and water, Birds of the air and the Fish of the seas dying in huge numbers; are these the Biblical signs of deluge?

Collision between earth and a killer asteroid has been predicted. If it hit the ocean, the miles high tidal waves will flood most coastal cities of the world. If it hit the land, the shock wave would flatten large land mass. A kilometre size of asteroid would create cosmic havoc.

The world may end by an act of God one day, but if God delay, humans have created more than 50,000 nuclear weapons to destroy themselves. Are we sleeping? 

Each creation has life, including the lives on earth.

15 March 2016


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