Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Holi 2016

Happy Holi 2016

Winter ends and Spring starts. India will celebrate Holi, the festival of Colours. It will start with bonfire today evening in the presence of Full Moon of Fagun and all will enjoy the day tomorrow by spraying colours over each other. Colours, music, dance, bhang and masti, the Carnival of India. It is a start of natural mating season for humans!

India links every important event with religion and educate people through stories and messages. 

Traditionally, the story of Prahlad and his father Hirnakashyap explains: 1) certainty of death even if he/she is immunized with all types of safety like Hirnakashyap and His sister Holika, 2) God is everywhere as the 4th Avatara of Vishnu, Lord Narsingh (Half man, half lion) incarnated out of a pillar, and 3) the safety assurance from the God to his devotees like Peahlad against the evil forces. 

The Holy Fire prevents outbreak of viral diseases like swineflu. The rounds of holy fire is a heat treatment to the body against cough, and the last day to eat dates, sesame and dhani this season.

Holy Fire is India's Weather Forecasting Station. Monsoon conceives in the womb of Mother Nature. People put flag on the top of the fire to judge the wind direction accurately. The winds in the evening of Holi is an indicator of coming monsoon season. 

1. North : Long Winter, Good Rains.
2. Northeast: Late start of Summer.
3. East: Irregular rains, below average.
4. Southeast: Draught
5. South: Medium Rain, Epidemics, livestock loss
6. South West: Monsoon below average
7. West: Monsoon Normal
8. Northwest: Very good monsoon with good crop.
9. Cyclonic wind from all directions: Famine

Holi is a festival of Love. Holi Colours over faces make them equal, equal to love without any discrimination of colours of skin. Krishna was dark skin Radha was fair skin. The colour of love made them equal skin. The youths of India celebrate equality of Braj Vrindavan like Lord Krisna, Radha and Gopis through colours tomorrow. Don't see the colour of the skin, the caste and religion of the individual, just merge with all in humanity of colours.

Holi is a festival to forget and forgive. Let us forget our pains and forgive all who did wrong to us and celebrate the festival of Holi praying Lord Narsinh through bonfire in the evening Today and with colours Tomorrow. Use colour of "Kesuda/Palas" (butea monosperma) flowers, the herb colour to protect the skin.

Holi is a Holy Festival, the Carnival of India. Pray Holy fire, enjoy colours of life and don't forget to see the direction of wind through holy fire, the forecast of monsoon 2016.

Bura na mano Holi hai. 

Happy Holi to All.

23 March 2016


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