Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Food and Thoughts

Food and Thoughts

Hinduism believes that food influence our mind. Our thoughts are the output of our food. "Jaisa anna vaisa mann". Food is called "anna devata". Therefore, Indians are extra conscious while eating or drinking. Garlic and onion have been prohibited as it deviate mind into worldly affairs.

Once Swami Ramkrishna Paramahansa became thirsty. He stopped at his disciple's house coming on way. But he didn't drink water as it was offered by the servant. He experienced different thought process in the mind of the servant.

Gandhiji has written about his jail experience when he killed his mother in dream. He wrote, that the food was cooked by a murderer that evening.

It is believed that food and water carry the effect of the thoughts of the giver. The thought process will vary in hotel meal and home meal. Meal cooked by mother, wife or servant carry different effect.

Therefore the Sadhak is always in alert on food and drink as they influence his thought process and the union with the Brahman. Little deviation may disconnect him from the signals and he may need more efforts to reconnect. Mobile world of present can easily understand the signals and connections, disconnection.

However, all are not believers of such logic. All water is Ganga Jal, if we see it's Creator. Jesus ate fish and drank wine. Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa used to eat fish (fish in Bengal is considered veg). Swami Vivekananda was fond of non vegetarian food when he was away from the Ashram. But while engaged in Sadhana he ate strict sattvic diet. He had said that if you think that only vegetarian food brings you nearer to God, goats will claim that honour.

Goat and all in the universe are not only nearer to God but within God. The universe and the creatures are the manifestation of the Brahman. Therefore, the sadhana is not for doing rituals but for realisation of the truth. It is called "aparoksh" experience. It is not called "pratyaksh" (in front of the eyes) but called "aparoksh". We experience division of the world in our mind, but in self realisation stage, the division disappears. Individual identity merge into universal consciousness. The "dwanda" ends, therefore it becomes "aproksh", direct, jaggery tasted directly, not in words.

Human mind is the cleverest mind on earth. The mind, the screen is better than other creatures to realize the truth. The trinity of "drashta, drashya and darshana" merge into one, the darshana, the knowledge. Therefore, while observing the "chitta", one observes the thought process.

If the road is full of vehicles with noise and air pollution, the speed will be slow as well as the journey with be unpleasant. But if the vehicles are removed, then the same road gives peace, speed and pleasure of the journey. Therefore, our rishis have guided some codes for food, karma, etc, based on their experiences. These are the means, useful like a runway for the plane to fly. But once the plane takes off, they are left behind. In "aproksha" stage, the division disappears, all become one, therefore, the concept of veg-non veg also disappears. But till one is on the ground, runway is necessary.

What is in heart and in mind is more important than what is in stomach. Hindu way of sadhana is to make the mirror (chitta) clean and stable so that it captures the image as it is.

"It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” (Bible, Mathew 15.11)

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

2 March 2016

NB: Majority Indians are non vegetarian. Jains only can claim the label of vegetarian, provided milk and milk products are included in veg list.


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