Thursday, March 17, 2016

Samudrika Shastra-1

Samudrika Shastra-1

India is a country of knowledge. 

Each individual is born unique. Each person carry different nature and he/she acts accordingly. Except exceptional cases, the nature of the person remain the same throughout the life (like kutte ki dum!)

We are social animals, live and deal with many individuals during the life. Marriage, business partnership, political alliance, friendship, etc, are long lasting relationships. A wrong choice turns into a big loss. Sometimes, in international relationship, signing a deal with a wrong person may put the country/company in big loss. 

But how could know a person whom you are dealing for the first time? Sometimes, you can't escape their company. There was a tradition in India to read face of the person and to interpret body features.

The face, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, ears, neck, hands, legs, etc, were observed, analysed and then some common rules were framed. 

Have you seen people with short neck and short ears? Chhoti gardan batake kan?

You may say that you have seen many people but didn't see them from the angle of the neck and ears.

Have you seen the photos of hardcore criminals? Invariably, their ears are peculiar, mostly short. 

Have you seen people with short neck? In public life? Short neck people are untrustworthy and unfaithful.

And if these two features are combined, one can imagine the combo! Better to Stay away. 

However, the 6th sense has it's final say. Each individual is carrying an aura. While meeting an individual the aura replies, provided you read it. Money and power hunger bring many in the bad company of untrustworthy, unfaithful people and leave as losers at the end.

Choose your body carefully.

The body and body language are vocal, of you care to listen.

While ageing, our neck become stiff and short. Do the neck rotation exercise daily to avoid to fall in the category of Short Neck! Lol.

17 March 2016

NB: This may not be true for all as the culture, education and environment keep the characteristics in dormant form.

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