Sunday, March 27, 2016

Secrets of Plants

Secrets of Plants

One would be surprised to know that the way plants make their food of glucose, starch, cellulose, etc, with the help of chlorophyll in the presence of Sunlight during daytime. Similarly the C4 herbs and plants develop their medicinal value in the presence of Moonlight in nights. Therefore, there is a prohibition to pick leaves, flowers, stem, roots of the  plants during night (from sunset to sunrise). They have been considered as deities by Hinduism. All Hindus worship Tulsi. Many tried to find the somvalli lata to make Somras described in the Vedas but couldn't find. Many are still searching the Sanjeevni booti which was carried by Vir Hanuman to save life of Lakshman. Hope Baba Ramdev products will list these two herbs in future!

There is a code of conduct to pick plant's parts. One has to pray before the plant, a day before its picking; explaining the purpose and requesting it to carry medicine to cure the patient. Thereafter, one may go next day in the morning, pray again and then pick leaves, flowers and other parts of the plant required. Ayurveda and Siddha system of South India carry a long list of such important herbs. Never to pick during night (from sunset to sunrise).

Hinduism believes that all the Jeevas travel from the moon (Chandra Loka) to the plants and then to our body through food and take birth at a suitable moment.

Trees and plants are also the living entities like us, very helpful for health and longevity. Let us reconnect with them and listen the blissful sound of the Nature.

27 March 2016


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