Friday, May 13, 2022

Blissful journey of awareness

 Blissful journey of awareness 

तस्य प्रत्ययोद्भवस्य लयोद्भवौ।

(the emergence or dissolution of his/her world of sensory experience)

Some of us have done Amarnath Yatra. The journey is full of joy and bliss from the bigining till the end from preparation stage to the journey and finally the Darshana. In fact the last point when we reach to the darshana point, the joy may diminish because of the push by the guard who is making a way for others to have darshana. But while walking through the valley, we enjoy the water flows, the river, the mountains, the greenery, the winds, the clouds, the nature. Our hearts get full with happiness, peace and joy. The journey, the process of reaching to the destined goal itself is giving the fruits of the goal. Therefore the process is equally important which trying for the goal. One has to drill continuously till the water is found. To purify the heart till all the waste materials is removed and the true self is revealed. 

Science has proved that the world is made of atoms of energy. Each atom has a centre around which electrons are moving. The centre is also not solid but it has particles and quarks. Finally nothing but an unseen energy remains. Modern science agrees that energy is the cause of the universe. Energy manifests as matter through quantum mechanics and as vibration in string theory. The spirituality digs further into and reaches to the Shiva, whose expansion (unmesh) and contraction (nimesh) causes the universe to dissolve and arise. 

We as live consciousness when search for the root of our existence, we find the spand-vibration, the power that vibrates, expands and contracts, the emergence and dissolution of our world of sensory experience. Once we experience spanda, the whole universe, all individuals dissolve in it. We are it. It’s a state of that transcends thinking, a blissful state. It’s a goal of life for each individual. One has to make efforts individually to achieve that state. 

The spanda-vibration is called Vimarsha or Shakti of Prakash-Shiva. Prakash-Vimarsh, Shiva-Shakti are one and the same like fire and heat. ‘I am’ is the sole material of each existence. It’s expansion and contraction generates or dissolves the universe. 

It’s a play therefore the identity of ‘I’ is concealed to make the play real. Therefore there is duality in which each individual perceives him separate in relation to the universe. It is called Maya, the experience of division-duality. 

The key is the spanda, the vibration, the awareness. When it contacts the universe before us appears as separate. When it expands the universe made up of  separate sentient and insentient objects dissolves and Shiva is experience. The state of awareness in waking, dream and deep sleep may appear different from one another but the spanda, the experiencer remains the same. It is the thread on which all experiences of sorrow, happiness, etc, are strung. It’s a string of a necklace in which the string and the bids are made of one material. One has to align with the thread (turiya) and reveal the Self.

Spanda is the highest point of view which has the freedom, power of will (इच्छा शक्ति), power of knowledge (ज्ञान शक्ति) and power of action (क्रिया शक्ति) 

through which the Spanda acts. It uses the inner and outer instruments (mind, intellect, ego, five sense organs, five action organs) to become live. With the contraction and expansion, the power of will, knowledge and action of the individual self contracts or expands. 

In contraction there is duality and in expansion there is unity. Select the expansion. Bliss is yours. You are the bliss, the Spand, the Shiva. 


13 May 2022


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