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Word tree is not tree

 Word tree is not tree

As the word ‘tree’ is not the real tree, similarly the word ‘God’ is not God. A perfect logic. But who will deny tree? The name tree came because there is a tree. One may deny the word ‘God’ but can’t deny the existence. The visible world is impermanent but its base is permanent. 

First Law of Thermodynamics tells that Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. The total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another. But from where this energy came? 

The whole philosophy of Sankhya, Nyaya, Vaisheshik, Purva Mimansa, Vedanti, Ajivik, Jain, Buddha, Jews, Christianity, Islam and others revolves around the questions: What is this visible Universe? Who has created it? How was it created? How were the five basic elements came in existence? How are the souls came on earth? Who am I? Is the present life the first and last journey or id it a part of the cycle of birth and death? What is eternal in this changing world ? Is there a system of reward and punishment for individual for his right and wrong actions? What is right and what is wrong? Who dies when the physical body dies? What is soul? What happens to the soul after the death of the physical body, etc. 

It is true that Upanishads didn’t named the Supreme Self as ‘God’ but named him Brahman, the upadana and nimitta cause of this existence. Shaivism call the visible world as Shakti and the invisible power behind it as Shiva. 

As the Supreme Self is formless, therefore, humans have given Him thousands of names and attributed qualities in him to get some glimpses of his glory. Indian philosophy mostly concluded on three characteristics: Sat-Chit-Anand: eternal, knowledge (Chaitanya) and bliss (peace). 

Attainment of  highest unity with the Brahman (Supreme Self) by the individual soul (Self) becomes the goal of individual’s life as both are identical. However the path has been divided into two: Sagun Brahman and Nirgun Brahman. As individual self is abide by the good and bad karmas, the Sagun part of the Universe has movement of life from one life to another and from one loka to another loka. While the Nirguna path concludes after attainment of knowledge and the death of physical body is the end as there is nothing left for the causal part to travel a journey after attaining highest unity with the Brahman. 

Ignorance of the true knowledge of Brahman is called ‘Avidhya’ and the knowledge of it is called ‘Vidhya’, the Moksha. The class of people who had acquired this Vidhya were called Brahmanas. ब्रह्म जानाति इति ब्राह्मणः

The way physicists brings out the secrets of nature by causation theory which common man doesn’t understand but believe, similarly the theories brought out by the sages of different branches within Hinduism and outside can’t be understood by the intellect of common man therefore accepted as belief. The practices necessary to purify the subtle (अंतःकरण) were incorporated in the way of life so that each mirror (intellect) reflect the correct image of the Supreme Self as the Individual Self and Supreme Self are identical. 

With the increase in purity of heart, the reflection of Supreme Self increases in one’s heart, as a result his unity with the visible world expands and obviously his heart will flood with love and compassion for all. His belief will turn into reality once he reaches to the destination of Brahman, the love and peaceful Supreme Self. 


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