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Finding placement in India

Finding placement in Modern India

One of our state cadre senior officers is a Brahmin. He was explaining how more candidates of one upper caste have been selected in the recent recruitment of the Gaun Seva Ayog and of the GPSC. Many of the recruited are yet to pick up the administrative skills. They prefer field work to office work.

He was explaining that days are coming bad for Brahmin families as they neither have wealth nor have regular source of income. We used to read stories in our school days starting with a sentence, "there was a poor Brahmin.. obtain food for asking for alms. and there was a baniya.. rich going for business leaving his family behind". Poverty was attached to Sarasvati. 

When he was child, his father was telling him how the family used to pass days. While cooking one meal, they were unsure about the next meal. Today, once again, those not studying will go in the misery of poverty. Modern world may not spend much on rituals, temples income go to the limited families and new youths can't go for Bhikshaw; unless they learn new trades, new skills, they won't be able to earn income and survive. Day by day, economically, they will become weaker than the depressed classes. Brahm jane vahi Brahmana: Without spiritual knowledge, they are no more Brahmins. And the present day of materialistic world respect Lakshmi more than Sarasvati. 

And one group of society call them Manuvadi, carry bitterness because Brahmins certified the birth based caste system of discrimination in the country for centuries. They had introduced inhuman practices of humiliation of the depressed classes. 

Brahmins, small in number didn't do much atrocity to these people except prohibiting their entries in temple in past. In fact the Kshatriyas and OBC classes oppressed them more than Brahmins in day to day life. But because religious books and practices were the Constitution of the Hindu society and those were written or proclaimed by the Brahmins, therefore, Brahmins along with other upper classes face the grievances of the depressed classes. The writers are more responsible than the actors!

However, they carry good brains. In absence of reservation in judiciary, they find more space in judiciary as lawyers and justices. Politically, they are placed well in the organisation where they work. Administratively, they find their position well in the departments, wherever they work. Their sweet tongues and brotherhood amongst themselves help them in finding right and better placements. Democracy is a kingdom of paper, in which their brains are utilised in all fields of administration. They are neither entrepreneurs nor traders, but still carry on the show with their skill of writing and performing religious rituals. God knows, it is likely that they used their pen to introduce the birth base caste system in India for their survival, so that their children hold the upper class position forever. 

After independence of India, with the new Constitution of equality, liberty and justice; things are changing fast. India will be moving towards the society of Varna by Karma. Now everyone has to find his/her place by ability and performance. Birth rights have gone. Those encasing reservation by birth should also plan their strategy well and build their capacity well, so that they can sustain without reservation. 

All humans are not equal in physical and mental capacity, therefore, classes in the human society will continue to exist as per the division of work. It will be a society of Varna by Karma. Birth is just an entry point on Mother Earth😊

Long live Equality, Liberty and Justice with Fraternity of Indians.

1 April 2017


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