Friday, March 26, 2021

Handle Corona Smartly

 Handle Corona enemy smartly 

Covid19 is a cleverer enemy. Watch out its entry, growth and departure. When it enters, the body reacts with high grade fever. The battle last for first three to four days typically. During this fight, it confuses the body cells and settle down with them as a family member. Therefore, day 4-5-6 passes in silence as if nothing has happened. But the enemy is active, silently working within and then it’s deadly spell starts, starting with worsening of dry coughing or at times shortness of breath on 7th day. Patient might complain of “unable to take one full breath”.

Opacities in lungs starts increasing. It occupies lung bases first and may spread to above lung fields compromising gas exchange and lung mechanics involved therein gradually with or without any obvious clinical deterioration. The oxygen saturation level fall down from 98-99% to 95-92-88-72... go on falling if these six days (7-12) are not manage smartly. Aggressive treatment doesn’t work here, but need smartness from the service providers (doctors, nurses) and full cooperation from the patient. Patient has to maintain his mental stamina and follow the directions of improvement of the oxygen saturation level. (Example: Sleeping on their bellies for 6-8hours a day) 

 For that, he needs continuous counselling and support from doctors,peers,family members. 

It is better to cough out the white material so that the air space inside the lungs is maintained for oxygen saturation. At home he may cough out easily, but sometimes in hospital environment, he may not. Ayurvedic methods may be useful at this junction. 

Cough out and maintenance of oxygen saturation level are two important activities necessary to win this war of six days. Interestingly, these are not fever days but the fear days. Once the patients crosses this Vaitarani, he enters into the safety zone. He can then walk, talk and eat well, rejuvenate energy; though his lungs X-ray and CT appears with big white patches. Days 12-13-14, once crossed the fortnight life wins. 

Be careful. If there is Covid patient at home, keep one Pulse Oximeter (Saturation probe) at home and check the SPO2 twice or thrice in a day and be watchful. If the SPO2 falls below 94, immediately rush to the hospital even if patient apparently looks alright because the patient then is in need of oxygen support that is not possible to manage at home. The service of Emergency MO 24x7 is useful in hospital to check and maintain the SPO2 till the time cycle of 12 days get over. 

Covid19 is winnable with the smart efforts of both, the Doctors and the Patient. A fearful, non cooperative and depressed patient many times lose the game. 

And the best way to be away from Covid19 is the prevention. Wash your hands regularly and use mask when go out.  Stay away from myths and stick to scientific facts. 

Be smart, be safe. 


11 June 2020


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