Friday, March 26, 2021

जीवेत शरद: शतम।

 "जीवेत शरदः शतम"

There is community spread of virus Corona and we are entering into Sharad Ritu. It is a season of diseases. Rahu is changing the sign in September but its transit over Orion constellation is still a matter of worry. Therefore, all of us have to take extra care in passing these days. Crossing one Sharad safely is an assurance of adding one year in life, and that way one may pass the century. Therefore, we hv a tradition to give blessings "जीवेत शरदः शतम"। 

The recovery rate of Covid19 is high but those who go into the critical stage, it is deadly. There are two attacks: one from the virus and another from the internal storm. First five days the virus attacks the lungs and damage and next five days the cytokines storm kills the lungs. Many patients don’t understand the cycle. First two-three days, they hv fever that with Crocin or other support goes away. The patient feels that he is cured. But once the virus entered into the lungs, it kills the cells and alveoli. The silent killing won’t be known unless the breathing problem starts. Oxygen saturation level starts going down and one has to rush to the hospital for oxygen and other support. If patient goes in hypoxia at home, he/she is a tough case for the doctors to cure. As soon as the viruses are bound, the immune storm of cytokines start killing the lungs. The clotting starts and all the vitals parameters start going up. The blood reports and CT Scan speak the health of the patient. He may be looking okay externally but the virus and the storm may be killing inside. The signals start coming with shortness of breath and breathlessness. First the virus damages the lungs and then the cytokines storm (our own army made from proteins) start locking the alveoli by clotting and fibrosing. The lungs cells don’t get blood supply and lungs turns into a piece of necrosis. It is not a pneumonia in which there is infection made of fluid that can be removed by suction or antibiotics. Necrosis mostly irreparable. Young patients may recover by reduced capacity of lungs but the old can’t. It is observed that vegetarian patients carrying peace and balance of mind hv more chances of survival compared to the non vegetarian patients with anxiety and fear. Their stronger immunity army of cytokines storms become their liability. The storms are bigger in males therefore the fatality of male patients is higher. It must hv some relationships with the secretions of internal glands and hormones. The medical researchers may find out more details. 

Please stay at home and remain in the body temple and pass the Sharad safely. Better to keep oneself away from meeting the virus once you are a senior citizen and carrying some comorbidity.

“जीवेत शरदः शतम"


29 July 2020


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