Friday, March 26, 2021

Toilet, a love story.

It is really a great movie for changing the minds of the people. Govt is building toilets but if people don't use or use the structure for alternative use, the objective will fail.

It is not only a matter of building toilets but an issue of changing the culture. When India was living in villages, agriculture was the major economic activity and had small population, the concept of humans defecation in farms, away from home was for promoting personal hygiene and using the waste as manure. But with the increase in population, increase in anti social elements in the society and more and more urbanisation, more and more development of manufacturing, services industries in the country; it is a shame of the country to not to have a toilet at home for the family. One more issue of arranging a bathroom for the women is still pending to resolve.

Toilets were brought by Turks and Whites. And it has brought slavery for the Valmikis. The harems/zanana/wada were the practices that put one smaller section of the society in unclean occupation. With the establishment of civic establishment, the public toilets became the hell for them and the elite were sleeping in the country for many years.

I remember my 25 years stay in a chawl living with only 20 community toilets (of which 10 were non functional) without water facilities for 800 persons. Standing in a queue in the odor of feces for long and using the dirty toilets everyday was the unwanted way of life. And when monsoon comes, the experience of white worms of the toilet climbing over the feet was the painful dirty horrible experience, we were passing through. It has thrown me into IAS!

I used to feel pity about the morning activities of a Valmiki worker cleaning the toilets and sweeping the feces of women lota/chamba party defecating in night. Horrible state of life for the worker. I used to read Gandhi, and motivated from his example (be the change you want to see in the world), I formed a small group of teenage school students whom I used to teach in early night hours, and started washing the public toilets in the morning to experience the mental trauma of the Valmiki worker's mind passing through everyday. We had celebrated the event of personal toilet at our home in 1983 against the will of my mother. Thereafter, slowly but steadily, with the help of AMC, most of the houses of the chawl had their personal toilets in two-three years time. The Valmiki worker was relieved from the trauma to that extent.

Toilet at each house is a freedom of Valmiki community from the slavery of unclean occupation. Let each person wash his/her feces (shit) himself/herself. We are a society of hypocrites, talk about "Vishva Guru", but don't give dignity of life to the women and the depressed.

H'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi deserves thousands of Salutes for his Cleanliness Campaign of "Swatch Bharat Mission". He is not only promoting toilets but making the Women and Valmikis free from the misery of life, they are facing for centuries.

Urban Gujarat is 100% ODF and 31/33 Districts of Gujarat have been declared ODF after the verification by the QCI. It's the greatest achievement of the State, all should admire. Now improve the condition of public and community toilets in all the public places and make the Valmikis free from dishonour.

FD of each State must exempt the movie from the GST. They may earn more from ceramics and toiletries but allow the message of the movie to reach to all in the Country.

23 August 2017


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