Friday, March 26, 2021

I met Madhavsinhbhai today

I met Madhavsinhbhai today

He is 92 years old and keen to pass three more years on earth. He came for the denture replacement in the Dental Hospital, Medicity, Ahmedabad and I was on a visit. He eats lot of pan-masala therefore the replacement of his denture is very fast. 

He remembered the good old days of his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat and was thanking God, People and the administration for the success and good work during his tenure. However, he didn’t miss mentioning the conspiracy of his colleagues with the opposition to remove him from the chair. He referred name of late Sanat Mehta, who in connivance with Chimanbhai Patel  plot the conspiracy. The communal riots started from Vadodara and spread in other parts of the State. It was projected before Rajiv Gandhi that if the riots will continue, it would had impact in Pakistan and Pakistan may raise the issue before UN and other international institutions. He didn’t asked for the resignation directly but VP Singh explained him the mood of the high command. He immediately took a peace of paper and wrote, ‘I tender my resignation as Chief Minister of Gujarat’ and handed it over to VP Singh. He was replaced by Amarsinh Chaudhari. After facing three consecutive drought years, when the public opinion was going against the party, his party placed him back as CM to face elections of 1990, but it was too late. Chimanbhai Patel succeeded in his political planning and with political alliance with BJP, sworn in as CM of Gujarat. History thereafter is known. 

Assassination of Indira Gandhi was a turning point in his life because he was a right hand of Mrs Gandhi and was totally new before Rajiv Gandhi. After resignation from the chair of CM he was inducted in the Central Cabinet and one day when he was walking with Rajiv Gandhi, he (RG) confessed that removing him from the chair of CM Gujarat was his great mistake. But that mistake had closed the doors of power for his party for very long.

17 November 2018


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