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Sanjeevani Buti

 Sanjeevni buti

As per Valmiki Ramayana, Rama and Lakshmana both were injured badly by the arrows of Indrajit (son of Ravana) on the first night of the battle, both became unconscious and fell down on ground and survived on the bed of arrows. Thought that both died, Indrajit went and informed Ravana who congratulated him. Sita was sent to the sire in Pushpak plane by Ravana to see the deads from the sky. However, Trijata the daughter of Vibhishana told her that they were alive because Pushpak couldn’t fly if the widow was sitting in it. Sushen the father in law of Sugriva suggested to send Sampati, Panas and Hanuman to bring herbs Sanivkarni and Vishalyakarni from the Chandra and Drona mountains of Kshirsamudra. However, meantime Garuda came to the spot from the sky and freed both Rama and Lakshmana from Nagapasha and also healed their injuries by touch. 

On the second day of war after losing General Prahasta and others Ravana made Sugriva, Neela and Lakshmana unconscious. He tried to lift Lakshmana from the battle field but failed and Hanuman then took him away and Lakshmana then became conscious automatically. 

Next day Kumbhakarn came in the war and was killed by Rama. Other chiefs were also killed thereafter. 

Then Indrajit re-entered in the battle, injured all chiefs of Ramsena including Hanuman, Sugriva, Angad, Jambvan, Neel, etc, made Rama and Lakshmana unconscious and returned. Indrajit’s Brahmashtra killed or injured 67 crore monkeys. It was a depressive evening for Ramsena. 

Injured Jambavan then suggested Hanuman to go to Himalaya and bring shining herbs Mritasanjeevni, Vishalyakarani, Suvarnakarani and Sandhani from a mountain located between Rishabh and Kailash mountain. Hanuman went but couldn’t identify the four shining herbs, therefore, lifted the entire mountain and brought it to Lanka. With the smell of the herbs Rama and Lakshmana became conscious and other monkeys who were injured or killed also recovered. The mountain then was replaced in Himalaya by Hanuman. 


21 November 2020


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