Friday, March 26, 2021

Jupiter transit 2020

 Good morning. Today, after one hour, at 6AM, Jupiter (Jiva) transits to Capricorn, moving out of the field of Ketu and Rahu, there will be relief now onwards. Mars has moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 22 March 2020 anc Saturn has moved to Capricorn from Sagittarius on 24 January 2020. However, the true relief will start from 20 May 2020 (corrected 22/4), when Rahu will leave Ardra constellation and transit to Orion (Mrigashirsha). 

Rahu means conspiracy and Ketu means Germs, the germs conspiracy has held up the world. When Rahu entered into Ardra constellation of moon sign Gemini and Ketu in Jayeshtha of Sagittarius on 22 September 2019 the whole problem of virus started. We shall be free for a while for three months but when Jupiter returns to Sagittarius on 30 June 2020, a new spike may come during monsoon and worry us till 23rd September, when Rahu will leave the moon sign Gemini. Rahu’s transit to Orion and sign Taurus will be another important phase to observe for some new events. 

Rahu transits in Taurus from 23 September 2020 for 18 months. Taurus is a house of Venus and Moon is exalted here. Therefore, something worrisome may happen that will eclipse our minds. However, Rahu in the house of Venus will boost up areas of luxury, comforts and romance. How could it be after taking lessons of social distancing? God knows 😊


30 March 2020


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