Friday, March 26, 2021

Why can't they change?

Why can't they change?

Centuries passed, Iranian Aryans, the Parsis remained the same. One of the reasons of not allowing others to their fire temple is to keep their promise given to the King that they will not try any conversion of people to their religion.

What a great teaching that all children are equal and free from the stain of sin at birth, free to make choice between good and evil, and responsible for the consequences of his/her deeds!

Indian Aryan started with the division of the people. The 10th Mandal of Rigveda was a later addition but it with Manu Smiriti, otherwise great books, made the life a hell for some people for centuries. People at large were at fault. They were suppressing others in the name of religion. The victims value measured only through denial, insult and injury. We propagate that our present life including the caste is a reason for our acts and deeds of past life/lives. The children born with birth mark!

How my India would have been, if stains of sin were not marked over children by birth? Social inequality was the reason for most of our problems.

"In his suicide note, Rohith Vemula (Research Scholar, University of Hyderabad) said that he didn’t want responsibility for his death attributed to anybody, and – even more significantly – he regretted that the value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind. Politics reduced him to his body, dismissing his soul. He saw around him was second-hand feelings, constructed love, coloured beliefs and artificial art. He wanted to become a writer like Carl Sagan, but in the growing gap of his soul and his body, he moved to the stars from shadows. He appeared and gone, from darkness to light. He wrote, "his birth was a fatal accident".

One of our colleagues told that asking an age of a candidate by the interviewer is considered a prejudice behaviour in US, but in India, nothing starts without asking the caste, what are you? And then the pulls, why are you? However, US was not good in past. We know the slavery of the blacks. Colour of the skin was making the discrimination. India is better, at least asking a question, which caste are you? We are still living in middle ages.

22 January 2016


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