Friday, March 26, 2021

Men gets period

 Men get periods

One Sadhu propagated in recent past that if a man eat a meal cooked by a woman in period, he will turn into ox and the female into bitch in their next birth. All know that woman’s period is a result of her reproductive cycle. It is a preparation for possible conception and release of blood from the uterine linings if conception doesn’t occur. It is a creation cycle which has given birth to all of us. 

But do you know that the men also undergo the man-struation? Males are governed by the hormone testosterone. The level of hormone goes up and down during the day and during the month. In the morning it is high and in the evening it goes down. Similarly, it goes up during some pick days of the month and goes down thereafter. It governs our moods and activities, therefore, if you start observing the moods and changes in the body parts, you will realise that man is also passing through the periods, under the governance of testosterone. The only difference is that he doesn’t discharge blood but discharges anger.😊

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12 March 2020


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