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Escalate Strength

 Escalate Strength (पौरुष)

After the demonstration of the skill at Kuru Rangabhumi the Pandavas and Kauravas had learnt from Guru Dronacharya, Dronacharya declared Arjun the Best Archer. At this moment, Karna entered and challenged Arjuna. On the behest of Dronacharya, Rajguru Kripacharya asked him about his Kula (caste). Karna explained his Sutaputra origin. Bhima laughed at him and told him to go and hold the rein of the horse (adharma). 

Then Karna replies:

सूतो वा सूतपुत्रो वा यो वा को वा भवाम्यहम्।

दैवायत्तं कुले जन्म मदायत्तं तु पौरुषम्॥

Whether I am a charioteer or his son, whoever or whatever I am, the birth in this family was given by my Daiva or fate. But the prowess and power I have accomplished are by my own self.

(मैं चाहे सूत हूँ या सूतपुत्र, अथवा कोई और। किसी कुल-विशेष में जन्म लेना यह तो दैव के अधीन है, लेकिन मेरे पास जो पौरुष है उसे मैने पैदा किया है॥)

Karna won his height by cultivating his inner strength. And Duryodhana though criticised for his path of Adharma, was the Prince in Power, followed the principle on equality (Dharma), later made Karma the King of Anga (south west Bihar) to respect his dignity when Draupadi insulted him (adharma) in her Swayamvar. Karna stood up and was successful in stringing the bow, just when he tried to aim the rotating fish’s eye, Draupadi stood up and spoke in an assembly full of kings, Princes & Brahmins (Disguised Pandavas) that she’ll not marry a Sutaputra (a slang for a lowly born charioteer’s son) after getting the signal from Lord Krishna (adharma). 

Politically the alliance of Duryodhana Jarasangha and Karna was getting stronger in India and Krishna was pushed down to Dwarika, wanted to break the alliance and Drupad also wished that Arjun should marry Draupadi so that he could take revenge on Dronacharya.

Karna fought back stayed with the side of Duryodhana and presented his strength and power in the war of Mahabharata. At the end, he was killed by Arjun by breaking a law of war. 

It does not matter whether you were born rich or poor, white or black, male or female, privileged or not so privileged; what matters is what you make of the life you are given. 

Identify your Paurush and escalate. 


25 May 2020


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