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Attraction between male and female

 Why attraction between male and female?

It is natural. Hindu theory of creation describes the Creator’s male-female energy. The male is called Niranjana-unmanifested-pure and the female is called the Prakriti-nature-Mahamaya-manifested. The male and female on the earth are the mixture of these two energies. Male is made of the eight parts of Niranjana and two parts of Mahamaya; and the female if made of eight parts of Mahamaya and two parts of Niranjana. 

How is the female made? The female physician body is made of the seven of the eight parts of Mahamaya. The eighth part was used in making the Ida-Moon-Nadi- left breath of the subtle body. The two parts of Niranjana are used, one in making the Pingala-Sun Nadi-right breath, and the second part was divided into two and placed one half in the eyes and one half in the genital. Therefore, the Niranjan-male present in the eyes, genital and right breath of the female plays over the male-Mahamaya. 

How is the male made? The male is made of eight parts of Niranjana and two parts of Mahamaya. The seven parts of Niranjana are used in making the physical body of male. The eighth part of Niranjana is used for the Pingala-Sun-right nadi-breath. One parts of Mahamaya is used for making the Ida-Moon-left nadi, and the second was divided into two, one is placed in the eyes and another in the genital. Therefore, the Mahamaya-female present on the eyes, genital and left breath in male desires and plays over the Niranjana. 

The breath of male and female while copulation plays important role in deciding the gender of the child. The Sun-Pingala-right breath of male and the Moon-Ida-left breathe of female make the male and vice versa. 

As the Niranjana part is placed in the eyes of the female, therefore, eyes of female are more attractive than male. The male in fact is a female (Mahamaya) and female is a male (Niranjana) in the story of creation. 

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15 January 2020


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