Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring and Influenza

 Spring and Influenza 

Influenza other flu attacks is a seasonal disease of upper respiratory viral infection. Our body deposits cough during winter and it starts melting in the warmer temperature of spring. It’s a flowering season. The pollen in the atmosphere triggers allergic reactions. 

Those who have better body immunity sustained against such attacks. But weak children and co-morbid old people and patients suffering with other illnesses if caught up in this season flu may end up with heavy viral load entering into the lungs and becomes fatal. Bronchos are carrying air to and from lungs. Once the pipes are infected and inflamed the problem starts. Infections then passed on to the lungs fill the air sacs with fluid or pus turns into pneumonia. It becomes life threatening to the children and old above 65. 

Cough out everyday during tooth brushing is the best way to get rid of it. ओकारे दातून was a proverb to educate people in past. Therefore, start using Neem Datoon and start Oooooo..... with big sound so that the melted cough in the broncho moves out and the Suryavanshi family members wake up early. "ઓકારે દાતણ કરે, નરણા હરડે ખાય; ડાબા પડખે જે સુએ, તે ઘર વૈધ ન જાય." 

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12 March 2020


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