Friday, March 26, 2021

Family Farmer

 Do you have Family Farmer?

You may have family doctor, you may have personal barber or personal tailor but surely, you won’t have family farmer. 

Corona Virus has taught us a big lesson that for long and healthy life, immunity matters the most. Our major wealth is our health. 

But do we carry sound immunity? Under the culture of stressful life and pollution of food, our B and T armies of immune system remains in alert round the clock become weaker over the years. 

What we eat also matter. The cereals, vegetables and fruits are mostly grown by using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Knowing well, we are eating them everyday without understanding the long term damage to the immune system by the residuals of the chemicals and pesticides entering into the body.  

There are farmers who can supply us grains, fruits and vegetables grown through Natural Farming using cow dung and cow urine. Some of them tried natural farming but when don’t get assured market they return to the chemical farming. We have launched a campaign of Natural Farming in Gujarat, trained 1.5 lakh farmers and are expecting 1 lakh farmers to join the movement in one year. 

If you as a buyer come forward to safe guard you immunity by buying natural farming produces from the FAMILY FARMER, you will be the CHANGE you want to see. 

Please select your Family Farmer and book you daily and yearly needs. We shall facilitate you to connect with the farmer through a web portal. Do visit your family farmer periodically and build a new bond of humanity. It’s a good outing going near to the nature. 

Your Health is the real Wealth to enjoy better quality of life. Stay safe. Stay blessed. 


3 May 2020


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