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Shahjahan Marwari

Shahjahan Marwari

Humayun the Mughal Emperor of Hindustan died by a neck break due to fall from a staircase in 1556. He was holding books and was descending and heard the Azaan, bow his knee, caught his feet in his robe and tumbled down. His son Akbar was only 13 years old. As per Babur’s plan, Hind was conquered for his youngest son Hindal. But while fighting for Humayun, he was killed by the forces of his half brother rebel Kamran. Hindal’s daughter Ruquiya Banu was married to Jalaluddin Akbar in Jalandhar Punjab in 1557, when both were 14 years old. She didn’t have issue, therefore, Akbar went to Ajmer for blessings of Ghareeb Nawaz Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. And while returning, he married Jodhabhai, a beautiful Rajput Princess of Amer King Bharmal, at Sambhal camp. For diplomatic ties, Akbar married 13 wives. Jodhabai made the Uzbek Akbar an Indian, a founder of Din-i-Ilahi. She delivered a baby boy Salim, who became the Emperor Jahangir. He had 20 wives and the 20th was Mehrunnissa, Nur Jahan, his main consort. Jahangir married Jodhbai, the Rajput Princess of Marvar (Jodhpur), daughter of Rathore King Raja Udai Singh in 1586. She was named Jagat Gosain. She gave birth to Khurram (Jahangir’s third son) in 1592, who became Emperor Shah Jahan in 1628. Khurram was raised by Ruquiya Begam and was the most favourite grandson of Akbar. He was carrying Marvari mother’s blood in his vains.

As per Marwari sanskar, Shah Jahan was suppose to be a miser, but during his rein of 30 years (1628-58) he was a great spender, built many buildings and monuments of great Mughal architecture: Taj Mahal, Red Fort Delhi, large sections of Agra Fort, sections of Lahore Fort, Jama Masjid, Shah Jahan Mosque in Thatta Sindh, Shalimar Garden, etc. He had Peacock Throne. His spending on architecture emptied the treasury of Mughal Empire. When he became ill in 1658, his three sons declared their independence, Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shikoh, imprisoned Shah Jahan and became the Emperor in 1658. When Shah Jahan died in 1666, Aurangzeb refused to grant state funeral. The body was buried in silence next to the body of his beloved wife Mumtaj in Taj Mahal.

Why a Marwari blood Shah Jahan was a high spender? Marwari men are called miser not the women. It is said that they don’t spend money on their wives, therefore, if the wives get chance, they spend double then required. This is just a joke.

Sindhi, Marwari and Gujarati are famous trading communities of western India. Whatsoever cheap you may buy, but feel cheated while buying from a Sindhi. Damadi (currency) is more important for a Marwari, चमड़ी जाय पर दमड़ी ना छूटे। Therefore winning Marwari in bargaining is a hard nut to crack. Gujarati traders are easy going people, adjust in all environments and move with money and profit. Amongst the three, who are the best traders? Gujarati will say Gujarati. Because, even if they buy from a Sindhi and sell it to a Marwari, Gujarati will still make profit. These are beliefs, they are the great communities.

Shah Jahan was the Governor of Gujarat and Aurangzeb was born in Dahod-Gujarat and was also the Governor of Gujarat, but none of them carried the nature and generosity of Gujarati clan. Akbar did recognised the importance of Gujarat, built Buland Darwaza after winning Gujarat in 1601 and followed the path of Din-I-Ilāhī.

After watching the fall of Mughal, Maratha and British empires because of high spendings on buildings, wars and salaries respectively; people made a proverb: मुग़लो का राज गया तगारे, मराठों का नगाड़े और अंग्रेजों का पगारें।

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