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Equality in Hinduism

Equality in Hinduism

All Hindus are equal when it comes to spirituality of Atma, the Brahman. But when it comes to profession/occupations, it is a society of unequals. 

Look at the Country at large. It is a country of backwards majority. All castes and sub castes are identified with their occupations in India. The occupation became necessity and the way of individual life. Therefore, who were in good professions didn't allow others to enter into their profession and those who were in bad or unclean occupations were compelled to continue with them under the fear social boycotts as they were dependents on others for their water, food and employment. They become slaves of all for centuries till Muslims, British, Education and Urbanisation approached them. 

Do you know, Japan had the same system like Hinduism. Their Shintoism is our Hinduism. When Japan was following Shintoism, it was divided into five castes/varnas: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and Chandals (they have Japanese names carry the same meaning and same inequality what we follow here). But with the entry of Buddhism, Shintoism was squeezed to the level of 20%. 80% of the Japanese are Buddhist. The new generation is moving towards no religion and mainly following development as their path for individual life and career promotion.

Hinduism as religion carry great knowledge. There is no match of this knowledge with any other race or culture in the world. Our Rishis, Our scientists, our Brahmins, what they realised, discovered, invented, no words are there to explain their greatness. On one side, 98% population was busy in their occupations but the few, only 2% of the population, the Brahmanas, were busy in search of knowledge. They discovered the secrets of nature and preserve it for centuries so that it become a guiding light for all the generations of the mankind. Shashtang Dandvat Pranam for their contribution to the mankind. 

But the question now comes, who are Brahmanas? Not those born in Brahmin family but those who are in the field of knowledge and research. We see many people, born in upper castes but follow the karma of lower castes. Upper and lower are the karmas in comparison to their labour and rewards, and only for the division of labour/work as per individual's ability and strength. The same, how we select individual for different posts/work. It has nothing to do with birth. Because the manufacturing process for all children is the same, only difference is the Sanskara, and that comes through the teaching, can be acquired by all. 

Therefore, if you are a well wisher of Hinduism, please unite the religion like the rope, in which all the threads remain intact and become the strength of the rope. We left the room for the Islam and Christianity to enter into us through backward population. We didn't accept the backwards in past and we don't accept the converts in present in social interactions. 15% Dalits didn't come forward to become Buddhist following Dr. Ambedkar, otherwise it would have been another bigger division of Hinduism. Just calculate, 11% Muslims, 15% Dalits, 7% Tribals, 2% Christians, 2% Shikhs, 2% Jains, 0.5% Buddhist, some Parsis and other non Hindu minorities. Almost half the mark.  Dalits, Tribal, Jains, Shikh, Buddhist are considered Hindu or semi Hindu, therefore, the Hinduism culture of the country has been maintained. Post independence, by fencing the bigger population of Muslims into Pakistan and Bangladesh, it has given better room for Hinduism to breathe and develop faster. We may return to our old Golden days of glory of Hindu Spirituality of ancient India, where each house become our knowledge sharing centre, living the life of Brahmanas, Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma. 

Break the walls, breaks the barriers. Unite all the threads of Indians into one rope. 

But are you willing to do that? Are you ready to accept them? No. when it comes to talk, we say yes; but when comes to practice, we say NO. 

This NO is our enemy of India. It has divided us and allowed foreigners to rule the nation for centuries. 

Let's say YES to all and follow the YES in practice.

15 March 2017


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