Friday, March 26, 2021


Aam adami jag chukka hey. Bahut gussa hey, ab jyada aajma nahi sakate. Anna crusade gherao MPs today, tomorrow will be Babus turn. 

New India is a literate India watching at us. Young India is vibrant and vocal. They understand the hardships of  their survival in the market. They can’t digest the phenomenal wealth growth of politicians and bureaucrats. 

250 cr+ properties of MP cadre IAS couple is not only talked in the country but also talked abroad. The AIS officers turned corporate may be icons for fellow colleagues but question marks for the people. 

People have started questioning politicians and public servants but a day has to come to question the wealth and growth of some of the industrial and business houses. 

India a property has been given by the Britishers and Principalities to the people of the country. But it has been owned by limited rich people. Economic disparity is one of the biggest problems of the country. India of homogeneous society is our dream to achieve. 

Anna movement has raised a big question against the present system of administration. 10 hours voting gives power to the politicians for 5 years and 30 hours 30 minutes examinations give powers to the AIS officers for 35 years. A one day game of election played by politicians with many fouls, managing EC’s guidelines make themselves masters of the country/states. The elected government administered the country/state through the bureaucracy. Therefore both of them come under the scanner of the people of India.

It is said that elections are fought with big money. Many MPs and MLAs are crorepati as preference of ticket goes with their spending capacity on elections. The political parties build party fund to hold power. Some politicians recover their election expenditure and make more to fight future elections. People are dreaming to see a day when the party funds accounts and hidden donations of industries/commerce will become transparent. 

India has lost the days of one party rule resulting in compromising governments of alliance parties which shares ministries as per the power sharing agreements. People of India are also at fault to elect multi parties rule. 

The ECI while defending the EVM, lost the secrecy of voters. It helps the representatives to take decisions and use discretionary funds to benefit their voters. 

Young and energetic AIS officers starts their journey of Public Administration at the training institutes with a mission to serve the nation (some starts with weekend liquor parties!) but soon it dilutes with the contacts of politicians and business interest groups. “Jaisa Sang taisa Rang”. Some learn from peers, some from seniors, some from subordinates and some may be from the new players. The first posting of revenue start changing their thinking of revenue with subject matters i.e. NA! Some start a different journey against the oath taken to follow the Constitution of India. These some have spoiled the reputation of the AIS and the giant acts and achievements of many went in veins. 

It is said that word “BABUS’ is a synonym for transfers, postings and promotions; a commodity to be purchased by offerings. Interest groups decides ‘yah chalega, yah nahi chalega’. Some use ‘silver or gold shoes’ (dialogue from movie Guru) to buy decision makers. Those who are deprived of the nectar of bribe became jealous of the system. Some fighters get their ratings down so that the system keeps them away till they are tired or retired. 

Manu Smrity says, ‘public fund in the hand of a public servant is like honey in the mouth of a bear.’ Is the power money cake of honey surrounded by the bears?

Lokpal may not answer all questions of corruptions but Anna movement has awakened the people and given a way to express their displeasure. The day is near to hear same loud displeasure against the ‘Babus’. 

Jagte Raho!


NB: These are vespers, difficult to prove but many of us still vespers.


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