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When Spring Equinox (entry of Sun in Northern Hemisphere) day was in the zodiac backdrop of Mrigtrishna Nakshatra (Orion) in zodiac sign Taurus (bull, vrishabh) around 4000 BC, healthy White Bull was the symbol of religious-trade-authoritative identity; used for game, bull fights, and sacrifice for rituals. 

The founder of Jainism is not the 24th Tirthankar Mahavir Swami. There were 23 Tirthankars before him. The 23rd Tirthankar Parsvanatha was born 250 years prior to Mahavira. The 22nd Tirthankar, Neminatha (Aristanemi) was the cousin of Lord Krishna. The founder of Jainism, the first Tirthankar Adinath-Rishabhnath lived probably in Orion era or before. He was spiritual leader and a social reformer, taught 72 arts to men and 64 to women.

Rishabhnath of Jainism and Shiva of Hindus might be the contemporaries or one and the same. Bull is the symbol of Adinath and Nandi (bull) is the vehicle of Mahadev. Many practices of tantra-matra were common amongst the Nathas of Shaivism and Digambara of Jainism. Except Mahavira, all the 23 Tirthankars were called Nath. 

God Reseph of Sumerian culture, the worship of Reseph in Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Rushabh of Indus-Saraswati civilisation, the Nandi of Lord Shiva and the Rishabh of Rishabhnath were the ancient religious common practices of prevedic Orion era. The black stone (the right hand of the invisible God visible symbolically) installed at the eastern corner of Kaaba in Mecca and a yellow pole nearby where the prophet was standing for worshipping, may be carrying the same distance what the Linga and the Nandi have in a Shiva temple. 

Rig vedic hymns and Puranas refers Rishabh as lord of lords. His mother and daughter the Cow is the merciful creature, serving the humans to acquire healthy, immune and long life.

ॐ श्री वृषभ देवाय नम: 😊


8 November 2019


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