Friday, March 26, 2021

Mr Dear Brother Pakistan.

My Dear Brother Pakistan,

You were born because our leaders consented the theory of two nations based on religion to bring peace on our land. British who divided and rule us for 190 years, left us in divisions. You were demanding autonomy but we thought, let you remain happy with an independent country, take your decisions and grow better than us. It was accepted like a division of a family. 

Don't you know, the land which you have received is the real Hindustan-Sindhustan (the land of river Sindhu) where the verses of Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga and entire wisdom of Hinduism were received by our ancestors. You are our blood. It was Muslim rule of Turks that change the religion of the ancestors and now you worship the supreme power Almighty Allah and we continued with the worshiping of Almighty Ishwar. Names of our God changed but the blood and culture remained the same. The beats of our hearts are the same. The mad people killed many of our brothers and sisters of both sides of the borders cruelly during partition but still our love didn't end. We may express hatredness but that is the expression of the deepest love in our hearts because we haven't forgotten each other for last 68 years. Every evening the beats of both of us witness the unity of hearts at Vagha Border. A thin curtain of mistrust prohibits our ways and the middle men play over it.
We know you are so valuable to us. You take the first stroke of attack on you before it reaches to India. You are acting as a buffer guard for India and saving us from the attacks of Turks, Afghans, Arabs and others for centuries. 

The terrorists are like fire. They will burn those whom they attack but they will burn where they live in too. The short term tactical measure become liability of the creator. Don't you believe? Just check the number of incidents and casualties you have suffered all those years compared to the damages done by these people to India. You have suffered more than us. You have lost more than 35000 humans and paid economic cost of $68 billion in terrorists attacks in a decade. Our hearts cried when the terrorists killed innocent children of Army Public School of Peshawar. We feel sad when Pakistani blood shed on ground by the terrorists attacks.  And may be you feel the same when you saw the events of attack over Indian Parliament, mumbai attacks, pathankot air base attack, etc. 

What did you gain from the wars of 1947, 1965, 1971, 1999? You know better.

What is in Kashmir? Jammu and Ladakh are non Muslim areas. The valley of Kashmir, you have already divided. We have accepted partition of Punjab and Bengal in 1947 and people have been settled in both the sides over the years. Why can't we accept the LoC as our International border and settle the dispute of Kashmir? The division of Kashmir may be accepted like division of Punjab and Bengal, as the most practical solution of the problem.

Please look back and check the defense statistics. How many rupees and dollars both of us have spent on weapons? The white skinned nations supply weapons to us and take away our wealth and the best of the products, produced by our people with their hard work. Large population of our nations is still living under poverty line. They are living on $1.90 or less/day/head and we are spending billions of dollars on weapons. We are made from one blood and we wish to kill each other with the weapons developed by others. When shall we wake up? 

We have our people, land and our own rule. Why can't we use our natural resources and trade advantages and serve the people of both the countries? Our army may need some work. They can be better utilized in maintenance of internal securities and management of calamities. And of course a vigil force to guard the borders. Where do the countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangala Desh, Bhutan, Burma etc, need large army and artillery against India? Similarly, you may build trust with India punishing terrorists who attack on us and save your budget that can be utilized for the development of your Nation. 

In Mahabharata, Pandavas and Kauravas divided the Country into Hastinapur and Khandav Prastha. Pandavas developed the barren areas and turned Khandav Prastha into Idraprastha. But they lost it in gambling. Ultimately, the war between Pandavas and Kauravas destroyed millions of people from both the sides. Both were the losers in the war.

Both of us hold nuclear weapons. If mad moment control our minds and by mistake this weapon is used in war, the entire generation of our blood will suffer. The wounds of partition, wars and terrorists attacks are yet to heal; the new wounds may never be healed for centuries.

We have two ways open; the path of Development and the path of Destruction. It is our choice to select either of the D. India has selected the path of Development from the beginning. If you selects the same, both of us with our younger sibling Bangladesh can write new Golden Chapter in the History of the World. We have the youngest population of the world and the most fertile land on the earth. Our unity can do wonders. We don't wish to rule others but our development will create a peaceful environment that will bring peace to the world. Our wisdom will be a lighthouse that will guide to other nations.

Don't you remember, our forefathers advised us centuries ago to live together accepting the whole earth as one family, "vashudhaiva kutumbkam" and also told us to accept good thoughts from all the directions, "aano bhadra: kratvo yantu vishwata:". Let us take pride of our great heritage together and build an "Umbrella Nation" where all our brothers and sisters live with peace, harmony and prosperity. We love each other the most. When we meet in third country, we share our happiness and sorrow together like real brothers. Can't we keep religion as our inner faith and brotherhood as our external relationship?

With the surprised visit of Pakistan, our PM has extended the hand of friendship to build trust but the terrorists spoiled its fruits by attacking Pathankot. 

Waging war is not a solution of any problem. 

Be our brother. 

11 December 2016


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