Friday, March 26, 2021

Neem flower neem drops

 Neem Nasal Drops and Neem Flower drink

Due to cold or other thing, if you feel like your nasal track is chocked up due to balgam or mucus, you may use Neem oil or Shadbindu oil as Nasal drops twice daily. Bitter juice of neem, karela, etc, are good to cure cough or balgam blockages in the nasal and throat areas. 

Chaitra month is a month to build immunity with the help of neem. It’s neem flowering season. The flowers may be used in cooking dishes like rice, rasam, lentil etc in South India. But in Gujarat we soak the flower in a glass of water for whole night and drink it first every morning for 10-15 days. This is a good medicine to keep the immune system recharged for a year. 

Therefore start your day with a brush with neem datun, drink neem flower water and use neem oil as nasal drops twice in a day. 


26 March 2020


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