Friday, March 26, 2021

Auto vaccination

 Auto Vaccination for Covid19 

Herd immunity is a shield which prevents the disease to spread. If high percentage of the population is vaccinated the disease can’t passed on to anyone, and it disappears. It is herd protection of the community. That give protection to the weak and vulnerable as the virus can’t spread so easily. 

But what happens if there is no vaccine for the disease i.e. Covid19? How long people stay away from the virus? How is the herd immunity build? How the doctors and paramedics are developing their immunity while serving the patients? The process is called auto vaccination. 

What happens when vaccine is given? It introduces certain molecules (antigens of virus/bacteria) from the pathogen to trigger the immune response. The body learn to recognise the hostile invaders and produce antibodies. When the virus/bacteria reappears, the antibodies immediately attack aggressively fight them out before they spread and cause sickness. 

If there is no vaccine invented for the disease like Corona, how does a community  vaccinated? Do you know, the Corona patients around us are doing natural-auto vaccination. All the people who come in the contact of Corona positive persons needn’t to be seriously infected reaching to a stage of hospitalisation; many of them have mild meeting with the virus. But these meetings are good for auto vaccination. With the entry of the virus, the body learn to recognise the enemy and produce antibodies. And  thereafter, those encountered with the virus are free from Corona threat. 

Covid19 has one more characteristic of mutation. In each new body it fights and depending upon the cell properties of the individual either weaken or strengthen. It may be weakening fighting a series of long battles passing through many bodies and then may be tired and vanish. We see countries went in panic have rested in silence after few months of the pandemic. 

One may take care of prevention by hand washing and wearing mask; but if get encountered with the virus, the unwanted guest may vaccinate and make the person immune. Till vaccine is invented, the auto vaccination is the only the answer of the pandemic.

Stay safe, stay immune.


12 June 2020


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