Friday, March 26, 2021

Harmony with Fraternity

Harmony with Fraternity

Kasganj riots... काश नहीं होते। Whatever we may say, but we as Indian society have lost tolerance and living at a boiling point where a small incident of stopping a triranga rally for conducting a flag hoisting program at Shahid Abdul Hamid Tiraha can trigger fire and turns the situation into violence of hatredness between the two communities. The tree is not cut at the last chop of the axe, but after many chops, the last pulls it down on the ground. Our Tree of Unity is under the threat of chopping once again.

The division of hatredness was there in the society in form of upper and lower castes. But the lowers position was strengthened with their change of faith during Muslim rule over India. When freedom struggle started, to protect right of Muslims, Muslim League was created in 1906. To counter it, Hindu Sabha/Maha Sabha was created in 1909/1915. The fight landed us into partition of the nation. Whether to say Indians lost their right over 9 lakh sqm area of land or Muslims opted to leave their right over remaining India of 32 lakh sqm, is a matter how one evaluates the history from which corner. But those who didn’t leave, continued on native land with their faith as Indian. Now, neither they can migrate and go to Pakistan nor the Hindus can throw them away from the country. They are in India with sizeable numbers and are going to stay forever. Both the communities have to accept this reality. Such incidents can become means to unite Hindus under Communal Nationalism as fight between Gandhi’s Secular Nationalism and Muslim League’s Communal Nationalism is taking a U turn after 70 years of Independence.

As Indian Society, we have to wake up timely and increase our tolerance level so that the stress level of the society can go down and harmony prevails. We have learnt the principles of equality, liberty and justice from the British but have lost our own teaching of fraternity.

Jai Hind!

4 February 2018


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