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Jivrajbhai, the turning point in the life of Ram Krishna Yadav

Jivrajbhai was a turning point

Jivrajbhai wrote about Shardaben and Rameshbhai, the modern Savitri-Satyavan couple of Surat Gujarat. Jivrajbhai is a father of Raneshbhai. He used to go and stay in Haridwar in search of peace of mind. There was a Kripalu Baug Ashram of an old saint Kripalu Maharaj near to the place where he used to stay. His day was spent either with the old Saint in Kripalu Baug or in Gayatri campus of Shantikunj. Over a period of time, the Saint and Jivrajbhai developed intimacy with each other. As the Saint was getting older, he told Jivrajbhai to take care of the Ashram activities. 

There used to be three youths (Ram Krishna Yadav, Bal Krishna and Karnaveer) in there late 20s wearing white cloths and moving into the villages of Haridwar, riding bicycles. One of the three, Bal Krishna had good knowledge of Himalayan herbs. The other two were his companions. They were collecting herbs from Himalayas and distributing amongst the people in villages. They met Jivrajbhai in Shantikunj campus in 1993. Looking to their youthfulness and good social services, Jivrajbhai helped them with monetary support.

As the Saint at Kripalu Baug Ashram was getting older, and Jivrajbhai already impressed with the social services of these three youths decided to involve them in Kripalu Baug Ashram activities. He, therefore, proposed them to join ashram with a condition to become Sanyasi and to wear saffron clothes. The three youths asked for some time to think and returned. After few days, they returned with a decision to make one of them, Ramkrishna Yadav, a Sanyasi wearing saffron clothes to join the Ashram. The other two decided to continue in white clothes. Ram Krishna Yadav took a Sanyas Diksha and was renamed as Baba Ramdev. 

After death of Kripalu Maharaj in 1994, a trust Divya Yog Mandir was formed by Jivrajbhai, Shankardev, Baba Ramdev, Bal Krishna and other two persons. Patanjali is a sub branch of DYM, owned by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishna. There was controversy of missing/ death of Shankardev in 2007.  

Initially, Baba Ramdev started Yoga campaign through TV. In the beginning, he was paying rent to Astha channel for his Yoga slots, later owned the channel. The channel become his cash cow. His featuring in TV with his yoga posture of moving intestines in abdomen area, not made him popular but also it made the Indian Yoga world famous. People of all age started his anulom vilom and kapalbhanti pranayam. Some people did object about the method and speed of the pranayam referring Patanjali Yog Sutra, but Baba was going on his campaign of Yoga with the feedback sounds of many beneficiaries of the practice. People on their own used to come forward and explained the benefits of yoga. Why not, whatever amount of carbon dioxide discharge out of the system by whatever means is always beneficial in reduction of weight and keeping the organs fit.

Simultaneously, he and his herb companion Balkrishna together started production of herbal products under the banner 'Patanjali' in Haridwar with a marketing strategy of Swadeshi. Within 10 years, the company's turnover has already crossed ₹45 billion (US$670 million) and is cruising at a monthly rate of about ₹5 billion(US$74 million). It has hit the leading companies in the market of Ayurveda and cosmetic products. 

Within a short period, a young man on a bicycle, started from scratch zero become one of the wealthiest Babas of the country, selling Yoga and Herbal products across the world. 

He was Jivrajbhai, who gave him seed money, brought him to Kripalu Baug Ashram and within a short time these two entrepreneurs Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna became rich and world famous. 

Baba Ramdev came by a chartered plane and attended the wedding of Jivrajbhai's grand daughter in 2014. Ram Krishna Yadav's journey from a bicycle to cars to aircrafts is very interesting.

24 July 2016

NB: The contents of the article has been taken as explained by Shri Veljibhai, the sambadhi of Jivrajbhai.


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