Friday, March 26, 2021

Protect Alveoli

 Protect Alveoli 

In the treatment of Covid19, one has to first keep the virus away. Wear mask and wash hands with soap frequently. 

And if by chance caught up with the novel Corona Virus, save the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs. 

The virus enters into the body through nose or mouth and settles in the upper respiratory track. And if not stopped like Lord Shiva (Neelkanth) hood the halahal in the throat and virus travels down to the alveoli through the route of trachea and broncho. 

The virus is made of mainly four proteins: SEMN. The S (Spike) protein is the key of the virus binds with the cell receptor, the E (Envelop) protein of the virus create assembly of new virus and through the new copy out of the cell to infect the other cells. The M (Membrane) protein of the virus helps the E protein in making assembly and spare parts of the virus but also break the defence mechanism of the body cell. N (Nucleocapsid) protein connected with genomic RNA make the xerox copies of the virus and weaken the defence mechanism of the host cell. Once the genetic material (RNA) comes in the host cell, the Ribosome (RNA of host cell) acts a copier machine make the copies faster. It’s like xerox machine, copying from the tail to head, head to tail, tail to head and so on. Every third copy become the new virus. 

There is Viral Envelope, the external part of the virus made of fatty layer is a cover of the virus. It can be destroyed by the soap and nullify the effect of virus, therefore, frequent hand washing with soap has been advised. 

God has given us 60 crore alveoli, gaseous exchange centers, to breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. The virus as Terrorists and the Cytokines of our body as BSF fight the battle, but by the firing of both the sides, the alveoli get destroyed. Inflammation takes place. Cells die and increase fibrosis. The walls of alveoli get thicker, fluid assemble, pulmonary edema takes place and the system unable to inhale oxygen; and the vital organs (brain, heart, kidney, liver, etc) without oxygen come under the acute stress and start dying and finally the death occurs. 

If you have overlooked at Indian Yoga and Pranayama over the years, please return. Yoga improves the flexibility of the vessels and Pranayama improves the strength and performance of the alveoli. Healthy Alveoli are our life years whether we breath for 60 years or 120 years. 

Inflammation created through safety or immune mechanism is also one of the major causes of complications and deaths. Ayurvedic Dashmool Kwath is a Shothhar (anti inflammatory) medicine. One may take the kwath (kadha) every morning and then enjoy the Hunza Tea in the company of family to protect the defence mechanism of the body😊


4 May 2020

NB: Hunza (a valley in Gilgit-Baltistan) Tea: take Tulsi (2 leaves), Mint (3 leaves), Cinnamon powder (one pinch), Green Cardamom (one), Jaggery (5 grams) and Grated Ginger (1/2 tea spoon); boil them all in a cup of water on dim gas for five minutes. May add few drops of lemon juice for taste (optional) and start the day with Hunza.


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