Friday, March 26, 2021

Donald Trump

 Donald Trump

Born in Kal Sarpa Yoga (14 June 1946) President Trump acquired highest position of his country and survived through the impeachment. But Kalsarpa in the sky and Corona on land are making his days difficult. 

George Washington led patriot forces and won the war of independence. And another George Floyd with his brutal death injected fire against racial hatred. The officer kneeling on his neck and he gasped for breath; the American President Trump may gasp for vote. After 160 years (civil war 1861-65), the voice of Blacks “I can’t breathe” becomes louder against racial hatred. The snake of Rahu and Ketu governs the time and therefore, the lower classes pass through the sufferings but will govern the rule of the democratic game. 

President Trump’s moon sign is Scorpion, in which Ketu is transiting from 23 September 2020. And by November 2020, when Ketu will eclipse the birth Moon at 27 degree, the Old Man and Friend of India is likely to lose Presidential election. 35% Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese may N block vote against him and 63% Whites will be divided between Democrats and Republicans. Indian voters are minuscule. Bernie Sanders Socialist Policy has an edge. 


4 June 2020


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