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Krishna Dwadashi, a special day

 Krishna Dwadashi, a Special Day

Today is 13th Shraddh Day of Krishna Dwadashi of Bhadrapad (Ashwin in North India), in which Hindus perform Shraddh of their deceased family members who died on Dwadashi (Krishna-Shukla). Shraddha Parva, when the Pitrus are present, is not considered good muhurta to do or start any important work/event. The period of 15 days of Shraddh is a off time for many auspicious events. 

But date of birth and death are not in the control of humans. Many children born during Shraddh Parva. One of them was born on Dwadashi (13th Shraddh Day), the inauspicious day. He became a great man. His life became him message. Crores of people were influenced during his life time and are influenced after his departure. He had changed the lives of millions. Self-centred people started thinking for bigger circles of community interests and country interests. Many followed him and spent rest of their life on his political, social, economic, sanitation and psychological transformation mission. He travelled across the country and read and understood India the most, therefore, his appeals were reaching to the masses and touching their hearts, and people were ready to sacrifice their lives on his call. He continues to inspire new ideas after a century. Even today, if darkness covers the life, his writing/teachings show the light to find a solution.

Did you get him? Who was born on the krishna dwadashi of Shraddh Parva? 

His birthday was popularly known as Rentia Baras. With the thread he weaved over Rentia (Charkha-spinning wheel), he opened the way of economic freedom of the large majority of the country and made them a strength to drive away the powerful Britishers following the principles of truth and nonviolence. He used a simple thread to weave India’s pride.  

He was our beloved Gandhi Bapu, Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of the Nation, born of 2nd October 1869, on 12th day (Baras) Krishna Bhadrapad (Ashwin in North India), Vikram Samvat 1926, the 13th Shraddh Day.


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