Friday, March 26, 2021

Sanjeevni flowers sanjeevni leaves

 Sanjeevani Flowers and Sanjeevani Leaves

Hydroxichloroquine has emerged as Sanjeevani Butti for the patients of Covid19. And those consumed the Sanjeevani in part are passing through the immunity test against the attacks of daitya Corona. 

This is Chaitra Krishna Paksha in Gujarati Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar, as the first day of the month starts after Amavasya. In North India, it is Baishakh, as the first day of the month starts after full moon day. Punjab has celebrated Baishakhi yesterday and Tamilnadu and West Bengal are celebrating their New Year Day as Happy Puthandu and Happy Bihu respectively. The Sun is exalted in Aries.

Building immunity of humans is the demand of the hour. The immunity building drink is generally taken during the Shukta days of Chaitra, but this year, the season is late by a fortnight, therefore, the flowering over Neem was not there. Now the flowers are available in plenty. Soak the neem flowers in a glass of water in the night and get your day started with this immunity drink in the morning. Neem flowers is “Sanjeevani Flowers” grant you great immunity to fight out all fivers and viral diseases. 

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, ”Of all trees I am the Peepal Tree (asvatthah)” (10.26). This is the Spring and Peepal tree blossom with the new soft and shining leaves after abscission. Pray/request the tree and pick up some fresh tender leaves for the purpose of making a medicine. Dry them off in the heat of Sun but under the shed, and make powder of it. Take one teaspoon full powder twice in a day (morning and evening).. It’s a great medicine for heart, removes the blocks. To avoid stent or bypass, this a great pass, one should walk down in this month. Peepal leaves are Sanjeevani Leaves, saves lives. 

Enjoy the season. Build immunity by drinking Neem Flower and remove blocks (including mental😊) by taking Peepal Leaves powder.

Happy Puthandu.

Happy Bihu.

शुभम् भवतु। 


14 April 2020

NB: Use of Peepal leaves was taught to me by a famous Vaidhya Panchabhai Damaniya of Una (Gujarat).


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