Friday, March 26, 2021

Major breakthrough in Corona treatment

 Major breakthrough in Corona treatment

During the course of treatment, it was found out that our internal immune system response through our BSF called ‘Cytokines’ was killing the alveoli more than the virus Corona. The capillaries were clotting and with ARDS the patient used to die. Oxygenation only was not helping the patients as ventilators in some cases were adding damage to the lungs. The doctors started heparin to prevent the clotting. To control inflammation, and to give some more time to the patient to fight out the virus, mythylprednisolone (steroid) was started. But the cytokines remained unanswered. The X-rays were turning white from black. Finally, the doctors opted for immunosuppressive drug, TCZ (tocilizumab) in selected patients and the results are encouraging. Few of them hv been discharged. The X-ray from white turned black and the battle was won. The drug costs ₹40000 but cheaper than the life. If this drug is used timely, then it’s life saving. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to prescribe the better line of treatment and control the fatality rate if the patients with breathlessness complaints are reaching to the hospital timely. 

If the path succeeds, then only critical care patients can stay at the hospital and the common man can live the normal life with mask, social distancing and hand washing with soap. 

Homeopathy and Ayurveda are doing well as prophylactic.  And few Vaidhya are trying it for cure. 


12 May 2020


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