Friday, March 26, 2021

One wrong move turns the table

One wrong move turns the table

They had die heart forces of 25,000 army men and women with a backup support of funds and resources from their native land and community living all over the world, and were fighting for their dream land of independent State in the north and east of the country, where they were living for centuries. They were trained with warfare techniques. Their unrest was turned out into a civil war between two major communities of the nation. The local government with it’s army was unable to counter their hold over the north and eastern parts of the country and opted to call a Peace Keeping Force from the country of the origin of the agitators. It was their wisest political move placing a brother before the brother to fight or maintain peace and keep themselves away watching the situation from the distance.

The Peace Keeping Force of 3 Divisions (30000) had to live in hardships with the agitators with limited resources and facilities for nearly four years from 1987-1991. Initially, the agitators cooperated well as they felt that the PKF had come for their cause, but later fought with them like enemies. Their Top Leader’s meeting with the then PM of the major country built the faith of trust between the agitators and the PKF. But the strategists of the country under problem were thinking differently. After creating an environment of trust, they pulled the major leaders of the agitators up on the negotiation table and killed them in a group. That had shattered the entire efforts of all who wished for the peaceful solution of the unrest.

In the chain of reactions to the killings, the man who sent the PKF was assassinated. Suicide bomber technique of killing the target was invented and used. The Tigress killed the Elephant. After two years, they assassinated the President of their country with the same suicide bomb technique. The PKF were withdrawn in 1990-91 but the civil war continued and at the end, the Chief of the Terrorist Organisation was also killed in 2009. His fight for independent state initiated in 1976 concluded in 33 years without any gain in 2009 with the loss of many lives.

It was a loss loss for all, and it had changed the political history of the major country. The leadership vacuum of the major party created a room for the opposition to consolidate their position. A native party said to have given moral support to the agitators joined the opposition in forming the government. But in politics, none is permanent friend or enemy, therefore, later they had joined hands with the party whose leader was assassinated.

Are you aware of the story? Yes, you were also a part of the history as witness.

It was Indian Peace Keeping Force at Srilanka tried to bring peace but failed and India lost it’s leader Rajiv Gandhi. Today is his death anniversary.

21 May 2018


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