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Balance Prakriti for good health

 Balance Prakriti for Good Health

Ayurveda is a Science of Longevity. Live human is a combination of body, mind and spirit. Human body is principally made of five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and space. The imbalance of the five elements turns into dosha, mainly Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The balance of these three doshas is considered the best state of health. Vata is constituted by space and air. Pitta is constituted by fire and water. Kapha is a constituted by water and earth. Vata regulates the energy and movement, Pitta regulates the digestion and metabolism and Kapha regulates the lubrication and cough. The balance of these three doshas gives balance of life and good healthy life. 

Everyone of us have three doshas but one of them is primary, the other is secondary and the third is least prominent. You may be one of the seven Prakriti: vata, pitta, kapha, vata-pitta, pitta-kapha, vata-kapha, or tri-dosha. Bureaucrats are generally fall in the last category. Each of the categories have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Each individual carry the Prakriti from the DNA code, and remains the same throughout the life. However it may imbalance with the change of life style, physical, mental and emotional condition. Ideally, one shouldn’t change the food menu carried by the ancestors for generations. 

Vata is the leader of the three live and energetic, responsible for breathing and beating of heart. Dry skin, dry hair and cough are problems of Vata imbalance. Consumption or spicy and astringent foods creates vata imbalance. Diet with salty, sweet and sour test and easily digestible food with mild spices, fruits and vegetables is recommended. May eat slightly fatty and oily food and drink warm milk at night. 

Pitta is a fire, regulate body temperature and transform food into nutrients. Pitta man is leader with strong will. Anger and agitation, burning sensation, ulcer, inflammation, etc, are the problems of imbalance pitta. Excessive consumption of spicy, oily, fried, salty, fermented foods and alcohol are the reasons for pitta imbalance. Pitta balance can be restored with sweet food, sweet fruits, dairy products, most importantly by ghee. Meditation, massage and cooling agents can bring back the balance.  

Kagha is responsible for anabolism, creating new cells and cells repairing. Gentle exercise and stimulating activities can bring back the balance. Excessive food consumption is the major reason of kapha dosha, therefore, low fat diet with bitter and pungent test is suggested. Raw vegetables, ripe fruits and coarse grains like oats, barley, millets, honey and strong spices including turmeric are useful. Kapha people may avoid fate, milk and rice or consume them occasionally. 

The Nadi Vaidhyas after checking the nadi in the morning can tell you what Prakriti you are and identify the balance or imbalance of the doshas. What is more and what is less and how to bring them into balance, either by taking herbal medicines or changing the food habits.  Whatever Prakriti you have, you must eat your food in time with seasonal ingredients and balance in all necessary nutrients. This is necessary for maintain good health and well being. 

Falgun and Chaitra are the months of Viral diseases. The cough deposited in winter is melting and if you catch up with some air born or communicable viral infection the viral load and cough can be a big health hazard. Influenza, Swine flu and Covid19 attack more in this environment of changing of season. Though have Prakriti of cough formation in this season have to be extra careful and can control is by home kitchen by eating bitter vegetables, coarse cereals and strong spices like black pepper, clove and turmeric. Take lemon juice with honey to improve immunity. Avoid dairy and cold products. Cough out maximum while the brushing the teeth every morning. Do salt water gargling three to five times in a day. Sip warm water every half hourly. Take steam (nashya) of water and ajvain twice in a day (inhale with mouth and nostril open so that it goes deep into the lungs). 

Stay fit, stay healthy. 

And don’t forget to light out and light 9 diyas/candles at 9 PM in your balcony on Sunday, tomorrow, 5th April 2020.

दीप जलाओ कोरोना भगाओ। 


4 April 2020


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