Friday, March 26, 2021

30 January

 30 January 

Martyr’s day today. On this day in 1948, one fanatic hindu killed Mahatma Gandhi at 5.17 pm. The Home Minister of the country had a meeting with Gandhiji for an hour and extra 10 minutes got him delayed for the prayer meeting. The HM left some few steps away in his official car and Godse finished his act to silence the voice of India. 

A one man boundary force Gandhi extinguished the riots of Hindu Muslims in Bengal. He went on fast to extinguish riots in Delhi and other areas and to prevent the forceful eviction of Muslims by the refugees in Delhi and other areas. 

Gandhiji was the man who denied Sardar Patel and made Pandit Nehru his political heir, made him President of INC, who in turn became the PM of India. 

The light had gone out of our lives but still solace millions of hearts. His physical body was killed but his subtle body, the thoughts, truth are still living with us and guiding the unity and integrity of the Country. 

Rest in Peace beloved Gandhi Bapu.


30 January 2021


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