Friday, March 26, 2021

11 February 1613

 11 February 1613

British landed first at Port of Surat in 1608, but their Agent William Hawkins received imperial farman of Emperor Jahangir to erect a factory in Surat on 11 February 1613. 

Later when Jahangir was camping at Ajmer in 1615, his beautiful wife Noor Jahan fell ill. The Hakims were unable to control her fever. British Agent had applied for a farman to start trading and establish factories all over India, but the imperial response was cool. British Agent Thomas Roe went to Ajmer and when heard about the illness of the empress extended a help of a British Doctor. It was probably the first public case of trying allopathic medicine in India. The empress was cured and the Emperor Jahangir very happily granted permission to British to trade and erect factories all across the country. The Mughal Empire was replaced by British Empire by 1858. 

The fever of the empress gone but India thereafter had British fever for 332 years and now also we are living in British fever by following the laws, principles, education, administration and parliamentary democracy of British Empire. 


11 February 2021


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